About the blog

About the blog

History of Runninglikethewind

It all started when I suddenly thought one day – What really did happen to CardCaptor Sakura after the episodes I saw? So I went on youtube, and other anime streaming sites and started watching it from the point it stopped broadcasting in China. After finishing the regular season and two movies, I was hooked. I started watching/reading Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles, considering it recycles the characters from CCS, and was hooked on its intriguing but sometimes confusing plot – I mean seriously, searching for feathers that are memories of a girl I get, but once you involve clones, and pre-life version of yourselves, it gets complicated. Anyways, after marathoning several animes and reading several more mangas, I wanted to do more than just watch and read anime – I wanted to write about it. After a wordpress registration procedure, Runninglikethewind was born :)

Why the name? It just seemed to pop into my head at that time.


4 Responses to About the blog

  1. Nice bog. It’s definitely piqued my interest. Say, you wouldn’t mind exchanging blog links with me did you? 😀

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