Zodiac signs change and Starry Sky

Are harem/astrology/romance animes prone to change?


As announced recently, instead of the usual 12 signs of the zodiac, there are now 13 signs with the addition of the snake holder, Ophiuchus.  This is due to the gravitational pull of the moon on Earth’s tilt, which causes it to be different than that of 3000 years ago, when the former 12 signs were established. This means that not only is there a new sign in the zodiac, but that the dates of the zodiac signs change about a month. So instead of a Libra, I am now Virgo. Although I don’t mind being Virgo, I will miss having the zodiac sign that represents an inanimate object.

Some questions needs to be asked. For one, how come they didn’t change it until now? Some procrastinating is fine, but 3000 years? That’s ridiculous! Within the last 100 year we had the technology to discover and notice things like this, but what were the astrologers doing? Is there a specific registration procedure that new signs have to go through and Ophiuchus just happened to have a lot of other potential signs waiting in front of him?

This changes a lot of things. One change is that now I can no longer look at my horoscopes anymore because Virgo’s personality does not sound like me. Another is the winter 2011 anime Starry Sky.

Oh yes, Starry Sky.

Starry sky is basically a game based reverse harem anime that revolves around the zodiac signs. There is one main girl character, Tsukiko Yahisa, which the story revolves around, and 12 (or 13) other guys that has their individual arcs (that are 10 minute episodes) and then 30 minute episodes of arcs that combine all the characters. All of the guys in this harem anime is labeled by their zodiac sign. Since there are now (and has been for a while)13 zodiac signs, doesn’t that mean that each character is actually a different sign than they were before? The animation company had actually seen this change coming, and has already released a new character, Shiki  Kagurazaka, for the sign of Ophiuchus, that wasn’t in the original game.This just made things a bit more interesting.

After watching 4 (10 minute) episodes of Starry Sky, I was bored like a majority of the people were. I was really turned off with the character designs. For some reason they just looked very weird to me, despite being bishies, I couldn’t stand looking at them, especially the first guy, Yoh Tomoe (or Henri Samuel Jean Aimée) – his eyes creeped me out. In addition, I can’t stand the fact that the bangs of the main girl, is as long as her face and goes in between her eyes- it looks like she cannot afford a haircut. But I have to admit, the characters themselves as kids were very cute and looked better than their teen version. Also, the animation didn’t flow; I felt that the movements of the characters were a bit awkward, especially with the eyes on a close-up to the face. They looked like moving pictures, which they are, but we, as the audience shouldn’t be able to tell that.

The characters themselves weren’t that interesting either. Their backstories didn’t appeal to me, because from what I’ve seen so far, it has always been played before. The main girl just seems as nice but as boring as ever, which consistently disappoints without fail.

There’s a lot of questions about the setting too. First of all, it takes place in an astronomy school, which is COMPLETELY unrealistic. I get schools with programs and courses for astronomy, but an entire school centered around astronomy? No, not a chance. Secondly, the main character is the only girl in the entire school. I get how Starry Sky is a harem anime, but for only one girl to be in  a school full of boys that just started accepting both genders? Either she has really good connections, the school’s admission requirements are really high or low, or that girls don’t like astronomy or could not afford to go to this school. The anime provided no legitimate reason as to why she is the only girl…she just is. Oh, and did I forget to mention that she’s a part of the student council too? There’s a certain extent to which the flexibility of anime logic can go, but this is going a foot across the line. The other harem anime of the season, Infinite Stratos, actually explains why the harem occurs – it’s simply because he’s the only man in the world that can pilot an IS and he is forced into the school by the Japanese government before the other countries come and steal him away.

But the change of the zodiac signs actually makes me want to watch the last episode. Will they use that to their advantage and make Starry Sky more interesting? Will they make the character somehow related to snakes (since Ophiuchus is the snake charmer)? Or will they just keep it meh and just force the character of this new sign to be in the same mould as every other character?

We won’t know until the personal episode of Ophiuchus for Starry Sky comes out. So until then, keep consuming oxygen!

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4 Responses to Zodiac signs change and Starry Sky

  1. Emiko says:

    Actually Ophiuchus (Shiki Kagurazaka) has his character CD already (like the rest of the characters), so I wouldn’t be suprised if he really does get his own episode w

    As for the anime, I’ve already given up on the QUALITY animation & the (terrible) way they adapted it from the game, so I’m just pretty much watching it because of the seiyuu cast.

    • Yeah, some of my friend are watching for the same reason too. But since I am not that knowledgeable about voice actors, I’ll just have to ditch it :S
      I took a look at the Starry Sky manga, it actually look pretty good..
      but animated that way, not so much

  2. Eri says:

    Just the fact that your horoscope as Virgo doesn’t suit your personality is one more evidence that the 13th sign is a lie. Personally, I can never picture myself being anything but Pisces! Also, it creates so many inconsistencies to the 4 elements pattern of the 12 zodiac sings… It seems that the Extreme SuperMoon affected more lunatics this year…

  3. Usachen says:

    I suppose Shiki will get his own two episodes as a DVD extra or something. After having watched 20-something episodes, it just seems obvious that they won’t leave him out, either, though he (most likely) won’t end up with Tsukiko, either.

    Anyway, I’m not that dissatisfied with DEEN’s work, having seen way worse adaptations already. It is an absolutely nonsense and shallow piece of work, but as far as I know, that’s what StaSka is basically about.

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