UPDATE #1:Starburst-Chan’s New Years Resolutions Project 2011 (SC’s NYR)

Hello readers! It’s time for an update on my new years resolutions project! Honestly, I have not done much at all due to extremely large amounts of procrastination followed by more guilt over not doing anything for the past week of break. Here’s the comic (a bad one at that too, no story line or anything…) for the list. An epic failure of an attempt of a comic, but it’s still something!

Side info: I got Kuro recently from my mom’s friends. It’s actually a rest for your wrist while using the mouse.


Complete list:


  1. Clean my room/be more organized
  2. Finish History project
  3. Finish English Dilemma Essay
  4. Finish English Media Project
  5. Finish Careers Project
  6. Exercise more!
  7. Make a snowman and/or snow angel with my sister
  8. Procrastinate less!
  9. Make something out of a gift that was given
  10. Enjoy and capture the winter scenery
  11. Less facebook, more blogging
  12. Reduce energy consumption and be more Eco friendly!
  13. A min. 700 word post about an anime
  14. A min 700 word post about Music
  15. Parody of Christmas/holiday song(s)
  16. Make a craft out of something in the garbage
  17. Hug a tree
  18. Make art out of the dictionaries I have
  20. Take a funny picture of my sister
  21. Take a picture of food!
  22. Make a comic stripe out of photos
  23. EDIT: consume oxygen! (resolution/task contributed by Serené Lin)
  24. Help my mom more

1/24 done

a week left.



About Starburst-chan

A blogger, otaku, nerd, loves sweets, often talk to herself
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One Response to UPDATE #1:Starburst-Chan’s New Years Resolutions Project 2011 (SC’s NYR)

  1. Serené Lin says:

    L O L

    I want to make one now.
    Why Kuro?

    By the way, how’s resolution number 23 getting along?

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