Holiday Hoorah!

Happy holidays!

The holiday season is finally here,

so let’s all share some holiday cheer,

it’s time to enjoy and celebrate

the off time we have before Monday.

Whether you’re walking or freezing,

singing, dancing or hibernating,

you are all a part of the

wonderful winter wonderland.

(side note* doesn’t work if you live in the southern hemisphere though.)

‘Tis the holiday season, people, and we all know what that means! Chocolate,treats,presents,spirit of giving, wrapping paper, paper cuts, christmas cards, snow, below freezing temperatures, anime/manga marathons, blogging, tobogganing, caroling, Christmas specials of TV shows (My sister’s watching the Curious George one right now!)…well you get the point.

I just wanna wish everyone a merry Christmas or happy Kwanzaa/Hanukkah  or whichever holiday you’re celebrating, hope you all have a wonderful time with your family.

I am, again, sorry for the long hiatus that I’ve been putting on the past few months, blame it all on school work. Speaking of school work, I still have 4 projects to start and finish within these two weeks of break, and that’s weird considering that they shouldn’t have given us any homework for the holidays.

Well, tedious things aside, I have lots of things planned for this break. One of them being writing more on this blog about some new things – music, Yumeiro Patissiere, and a project, because frankly, my rant posts never had that much entertainment value anyways.

Speaking of music, I downloaded a large amount of new music onto my computer so i can familiarize myself with new artists/groups like AKB48, SNSD, CO-ED SCHOOL, more of Maaya Sakamoto,etc . I finally got around to download the Kaichou wa maid sama character concepts too.

Starburst-Chan’s New Years Resolutions Project 2011 (SC’s NYR)

Now onto the meat of things. I decided to do a new years resolution project where I have to accomplish 25 tasks before the winter break ends on January 3rd,2010 and track the progress by taking and posting the photo every time accomplish a task. Because the list is a new years resolution list, the tasks have to be relevant to the resolutions in order to check it off the list. So here’s the list


  1. Clean my room/be more organized
  2. Finish History project
  3. Finish English Dilemma Essay
  4. Finish English Media Project
  5. Finish Careers Project
  6. Exercise more!
  7. Make a snowman and/or snow angel with my sister
  8. Procrastinate less!
  9. Make something out of a gift that was given
  10. Enjoy and capture the winter scenery
  11. Less facebook, more blogging
  12. Reduce energy consumption and be more Eco friendly!
  13. A min. 700 word post about an anime
  14. A min 700 word post about Music
  15. Parody of Christmas/holiday song(s)
  16. Make a craft out of something in the garbage
  17. Hug a tree
  18. Make art out of the dictionaries I have
  20. Take a funny picture of my sister
  21. Take a picture of food!
  22. Make a comic stripe out of photos
  23. EDIT: consume oxygen! (resolution/task contributed by Serené Lin)
  24. Help my mom more

As you can see, I don’t have the entire filled out – so I’m very opened to suggestions! I NEED 25!


About Starburst-chan

A blogger, otaku, nerd, loves sweets, often talk to herself
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8 Responses to Holiday Hoorah!

  1. Serené Lin says:

    Lols, your blog reply box now knows me =D I’m so famous

    You’re making a parody? How are you making one?
    I’m looking forward to that comic strip.

    And you forgot one
    23. Consume oxygen

  2. Mizorui says:

    Did you like Girls Generation?

  3. Linda says:

    listen to more J-pop =)
    read a Chinese book

    btw are you the person behind the tumblr fabu-otaku?

  4. foshizzel says:

    Parody sounds like fun ^^

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