Rant-o-rama & more


Oh yes, rantorama.

Apologies to those who read this blog that long awaited updates – trust me, not being able to produce any writing piece that is over 500 words pains me as much as it pains you not to read it. Reasons why I couldn’t shall be revealed in my rants.


1. School,stress,extracurriculars, factors of my inability to post the past month and probably in the future

2. Shad Valley


4. Funny story about my sister and her haircut experience 🙂

5. we’ll cross that bridge when we get there, or not at all.

So we start with number one, school, the main factor of my zero in (long) posts this month. I am in 3 clubs, have 8 courses that I have to take all year  long (non-semestered), as well as volunteering on saturdays and homework. To add on to that, our school has the most school days in all of our district school board, the only breaks other than holidays are Staff meeting days where we get to go to school one and a half hours late, and that luxury only happens once a month. Now, I’m sure I don’t need to explain how draining school is, but this year they are just KILLING IT. Being in both enriched math and science, math of which I wasn’t in enriched last year, along with 6 other courses, organization and time management is key, although I still leave something until the night before it’s due, but that’s because I can’t produce a decent assignment without being forced to do it. I am a straight A student, so this routine works well for me – until the teachers suddenly start blasting out assignments and tests like candy from a pinata.
Since my school is a good school, with great teachers, they give us homework and tests, now I find that every week comes a science test- one on organic chemistry, the other on advance nomenclature, and some other kinds of enrichment like Atomic theory or something.I always end up writing about 7 pages of notes for a two page test – which is in fact sad. I have no trouble with any of the courses I take, except for when I get  a bad test mark, like the 63% I got on a math test recently, then I would start freaking out and hyperventilating, followed by repetitive questioning to others to whether this is normal. If you want to get a taste of the magnitude of this, let’s just say that I had that test a month ago and I’m still asking questions now, even after getting a 97% on the most recent test, bring my overall math mark to a 83%. Tests, then an essay assignments gets thrown in there, along with a pinch or two of french and spanish projects, and what do you get? Stress soup.

And yes, I am a nerd, have been called that by my friends more recently, but it seems that my powers are draining out.Along with school work there’s two hours of volunteering on saturdays, then homework – which doesn’t give much time for myself.

What’s worse is that I am not getting my healthy dose of anime/manga.

2.Shad Valley

It’s a program I’m applying to where 50, or is it 500, people gets to travel to an university of their choice within Canada and stay there for a month in the summer for enrichment in math, science and entrepreneurship. The application process is long, and due on Dec 8th, and I haven’t started. I was planning to this weekend, but, with so many things on the list, I’m not sure if I can manage. Just so you know, the application package includes the forms, along with an one page essay, a creative page, a reference letter and something else I cannot remember. So if anyone wants to edit my essay or review my things when the times, please say so – or at least consider it- because I am ALL ABOUT PERFECTION.

3.Hunger Games Trilogy

This past Thursday and Friday I have been none stop reading the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The books has such intricate plots, twists and suspense that I could not put it down. Unfortunately I only borrowed the first two books and not the third, so I have to wait until Monday to see how it all ends. Peeta and Katniss 😀 FTW! I have already spoiled myself countless times for the last book…that’s how good it is.I have been amusing myself by looking at The Hunger Games memes on deviant art, but I eventually had to get back to my homework, and the distracts that came along with it, but I still have yet to forget about those two book. I highly recommend this book – it has just the right amount of sci-fi, suspense, and romance – at least for my tastes.


Tired,sleepy,Yumeiro Patissiere only comes out once a week, no time to marathon. AWWS 😦

This post has completely taken my will to finish my homework at 11:20PM out of me……………………………………….


Well, That’s all folks! (Haha, and I’m born in the year of the Pig too 😀 )


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One Response to Rant-o-rama & more

  1. Mint says:

    Hope you end up somewhere cool for Shad 😀 Seriously, you could have to go to a really lame rural university, which is no fun at all. I wouldn’t be too stressed about the application process; as long as you’re enthusiastic about the program, there’s nothing to worry about.

    I really envy you for going to such an academically focused school. Although it sounds pretty intense, all those enriched courses must be so interesting. *w* It’s horrid here since everything is group work but no one -cares-, so all that work ends up being done by you. Anyways, don’t overwork yourself! You’ll end up bitter and exhausted! In fact, you can slack off until senior year since the universities only care about those marks anyways. xP

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