SC-China Trip Post 2 – Travels: Hometown

Xiamen (somenameiforgot) Pangoda

As promised, this post shall update you on the places I travelled since I came back to China this summer. I apologize that it took me so long to type everything up, upload the photos and make anyone crazy in this crazily long wait.

First Stop: Fuzhou, Fujian, China 福州,福建,中国

As I explained in my previous CHINA TRIP post (a.k.a. the freakishly long post about just the airplane flights), Fuzhou is my hometown, where I, a magical ball of energy, was born. Consider it is located in the southern part of China, it is very hot during the summer, especially when you consider how much more people live there in comparison to the number of people living in a typical Canadian town.

That's all vegetarian - really.

Anyways, I met with my family, grandparents, aunts, uncles and did the works… I’ve gone to a fancy restaurant 5 times since I got back.And by fancy, I meant those who were integrated with a large hotel, had numerous rooms that had fancy tableware, a TV, and 2 waiters for each of the rooms.


Are you in awe yet? Just a typical part of a upper middle class lifestyle in the hustle and bustling country that is China. Speaking of food, I also found that my city was filled with these restaurants where they serve thin-steaks on a hot metal plate with eggs and pasta as a side-dish. I seriously LOVE IT. The anticipation as they take off the metal cover and how we get extra large pieces of tissue paper to cover our skin from being burned by the tiny bits of oil flying everywhere, the warm piece of meat in your mouth… I can’t say that it’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted, but it brings back a nostalgic feeling – let me explain why: Before immigrating to Canada, I used to always eat these 铁板烧 every few weeks or so and it was like heaven in my mouth as I took every bite (at that time). This kind of food or platter was proclaimed as ‘western food’ in China, therefore I jumped to the conclusion that these kind of restaurants were all over Canada…and guess what, it wasn’t. Considering I haven’t gone back for 5 years, I have gone thin-steak-free for one third of my life so far.
How were my relatives you ask? The adult ones, great, my uncle’s son was born just 9 months ago and he is SUPER CUTE. I’m not talking about Usui-Takumi-Chibi-Face-Cute, I am talking about FULL-ON-SHUGO-CHARA-SU-CUTE-without-the-annoying-voice. Imagine a Chinese baby with puffy rosy cheeks and big blackish brown eyes.. He’s even cute when he cries…so no one cares how he has a bad temper, or that he randomly poops at the wrong times (Everyone in my house has been at least pooped and peed on twice :D)

My three other younger cousins on the other hand, were okay, you know how kids are between the ages of 6 – 12 … sometimes annoying, a bit rebellious, plus chinese education is more of teaching you facts and knowledge than to teach you how to be more civil – large number of students/citizens = no focus on individuality.

I spent most of the time with my aunt and her daughter (my cousin) when I went back, they were the ones who brought me shopping, to get a haircut, and on a short 1 hour cruise around the harbour.

Stop 1.5 – Xiamen, Fujian, China 厦门,福建

beautiful eh?

Well, Xiamen is just a few hours drive away from Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian, and to generally describe it.. it is a place for sun and fun –  like Orlando of Fujian. Beaches, little island, a bird sanctuary, cable cars and etc. Lotsa stuff, other than the fact that the washrooms were stinky (there weren’t toilets, just a small, porcelain covered-girl-urinal in the ground with a hole somewhere, that leads a to large canal.. ), it was hot like no tomorrow (30-38 degrees Celsius) and that we got lost and went back the same path at least 3 times… It was pretty a satisfactory experience –  got to take some pictures, some quality time with my dad and cousin, plus I met someone from Penn State University that just graduated, who specializes Hotel and Restaurant Management.


So i guess that’s it for now, I’ll be sure to post the next few stops in the new weeks or so!

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7 Responses to SC-China Trip Post 2 – Travels: Hometown

  1. misterblah says:

    LOL icic, but I bet it was dirty and had those awful toilets, no? btw nice hairdo.

  2. Hellomotto says:

    I am talking about FULL-ON-SHUGO-CHARA-SU-CUTE-without-the-annoying-voice. Imagine a Chinese baby with puffy rosy cheeks and big blackish brown eyes.. He’s even cute when he cries…so no one cares how he has a bad temper, or that he randomly poops at the wrong times

    ASIAN BABIES ARE THE CUTEST. I remember my sister sent me this picture of this one asian baby that was freaking adorable.

    Anyways, it seems like the China trip was excellent. Seeing relatives is always nice, though I’m guessing there weren’t many your age (from what you’ve told me). (I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it kind of sucks that there aren’t many relatives your age. You don’t have many people to relate to…)

    Those restaurants are pretty damn fancy to. I scoffed at the fact that you thought Western food was like that…heh. I wish. XD

    Great post overall. Sounds like you had a great time.

    • I know right? When little kids cry they frown in such a cute way that you feel sorry for them, unlike us where tears just drip out and we wipe them away with our sleeves.
      Actually, I thought mixed babies were the cutest… that’s why my mom and aunt tells me to marry a Caucasian dude so my babies would be adorable.
      He is really cute, he’s pretty lucky too that he has his mom’s eyes, because my uncle (his dad) has very small eyes. He’s also the ONLY guy in our generation, my mom, aunt and older uncle all have daughters. (all on my mom’s side) I’m a bit jealous because I used to be the favourite before he was born, but now he is..

      The trip was pretty memorable, I got to meet my childhood friend, stayed in the ac a lot, and there wasn’t any people my age…and it does suck because you feel kinda useless lying around the house without anything to do or anybody to hang with. But I did go hang with a daughter of my mom’s friend (who is 13 days older than me) and bought two anime posters from an japanese interest store xD (with cosplayers – they were 2 bucks RMB) – but they didn’t have mokona backpacks :S

      I think the reason why the restaurants are so fancy is that there is soo many people in the city that eats out for business or any other purposes that they have to make soo many rooms with great service because 1. they can and 2. so they can fit all the people and stand as competition to other restaurants. It doesn’t even matter if there’s a huge restaurant a block away – there is enough business to go around.

      Thanks a lot for the comment!

  3. Serené Lin says:

    This post took me FOREVER to load >..<
    And yes, little kids are AWESOMEEEEE

    I didn't realize China was that different though…where I was from, there were technically NO trees, water, natural stuff. Makes me want to travel all through China XD
    And another question. The photo of the food (it reminded me a little of sushi for some reason) do you eat the superlong green things too?

    • HAHA. It was because of my elaborate layout right?
      The little baby’s lucky too.. both of his parents are teachers, therefore he’s smart, and he is the only guy in our generation…so my grandparents likes him more now 😀
      Well that was my mental picture of china too, but when I got back I realized that I omitted the fact that China would have to develop with the world too. The change are more gradual than instant (takes a long time for trees to grow). But then again, I live in the south eastern part of China, which could be different from cities that are closer to the major industrial cities of China.
      Yes, I did eat the super-long green things…What I noticed when I went back is that the culinary style of chinese food here and there slightly varies…hong kong style chinese food doesn’t = fujian style chinese food 😀
      Btw, the tourist destinations, although filled with trees, are also filled with SEAS OF PEOPLE and people offering a service or something…some will even follow you around 0.0

      • Serené Lin says:

        That and the photos >..<

        I love the hustle and bustle of the City. My favorite part is where everyone sells something on the street, not in buildings, and expecially at night, the streets are COMPLETELY covered with people's booths. Its AWESOME.
        Did you have that sort of thing in your place?

        • Serené Lin says:

          OMG…why always me?
          Wordpress likes to omit the middle half of my comments…thus this is what happened between those 2 paragraphs…

          HA. I hated that. I’m the only girl in my generation. Rather uncomfortable. Thank God all my cousins (ie:2) are only from one side of the family, so they’re easy to avoid.

          That is true, but since I was so close to the city, the place where I grew up from had no trees in our parent’s generation. Seeing GREEN in China for me is worthy of a heart attack =D
          Lols, the “chinese food” they sell here are totally not Chinese…

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