Otaku-ing and procrastination?

I have still yet to finish (or start) my long post about the places I’ve travelled last month, because wordpress loads really slowly on this computer (I’m still in China), and that I have to share this computer with my cousin – who loves to play a lot of online games – chinese versions of farmville, parking wars?! and neopets (cept better flash quality).

Another factor that is hindering the progress of the posts is that I’m constantly visiting relatives (apparently I have a lot, some who immigrated to Spain too 😀 ), making friends, hanging with new friends, hanging with my cousin, getting haircuts, clothes, and stuff for my mom. Plus I’m going to Hong Kong in three days to visit my great aunt and explore the city (DISNEYLAND!) .

Otaku-ing: Guess what people? I bought Pandora Hearts and Full Metal Alchemist posters (WIN WIN WIN). To tell all of you the truth, I did not really knew my level of otaku-ness until I went into the anime/manga interest shop and started laughing weirdly (like a kid in a candy store) and started randomly listing off what anime the little models of characters are in.

The staff was cosplaying Misaki Ayuzawa from Kaichou wa maid sama, and Ichigo from Bleach – but unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of them but got pictures of the little character models.

Fufu~ now onto the posters : first of all, since I am a very ‘money-concious’ person,  I must mention that the posters were *drumroll* 2 DOLLARS RMB (chinese currency) ? They were both mid size posters with pretty good quality.

The first one was of the abyss (the one who looked like Alice) with dolls and mobile-like things drapping down from the top. It was the only one left 😀 It’s too bad that it didn’t have any of the main characters in there,(but one of the dolls do look a lot like Oz)

By the way – OZ x ALICE FTW

Second one’s of the main (good) characters of Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood – Hughes, Al,Ed, etc.

I shall put pictures as soon as I get time to take them…

I thank you for all fo your patience and dealing with my chronic procrastination.

Until next time, Ja-ne ~


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8 Responses to Otaku-ing and procrastination?

  1. Serené Lin says:

    Otaku XD
    At least I’m not the only one…

    I was in Pacific Mall a few days ago walking with my mom and I passed by one of those stores with Japanese-related stuff, and they had those little dolls on display, and I went crazy.
    My mom was rather confused after 😀

    You’re so lucky you get to go places in china! I didn’t go anywhere when I went there >.<

    • HIGH FIVE 😀 Otaku-ness is something to be proud of, it’s a quality we have that makes other people stare at us like we’re aliens xD. It’s sad that I only bought two posters because everything was pretty cheap, the small figurines (card captor sakura one) were only about 5- 18 RMB..But I couldn’t buy it because I’m afraid my mom will yell at me for wasting money on stuff I can’t use.

      Then again, I’m not even sure if I have enough space on my wall to hang those posters. (has it really been that long since I last saw my room?)

      As for the travelling, thank you for the compliment, but take into consideration that with travelling comes a lot walking, buying tickets, waiting in line, and being fried under the hot (China) sun. So technically, the good pictures are actually worked from your very own sweat.

      • Serené Lin says:

        Yay for aliens! LOL
        Would you actually be allowed to hang those posters? I mean, there’s a difference in my house between quietly enjoying and opening expressing one’s love towards Otaku-ing. My parents are currently ok with me watching anime (as long as I watch when they’re not home) but I DEFINITLY won’t be allowed to hang up posters with anime characters. In fact, the only character that is allowed to be up on my wall is Winnie the Pooh!
        Mayhaps I can slide by the rules if I can get a poster of the school from Angelbeats (and cut off the logo) and stick a photo of Winnie the Pooh in front of the front doors?

        You’re getting old XD
        Memory loss

        Hey, sweating is good for you.
        Random comment here, but I apparently have lost my ability to sweat. I don’t sweat at all anymore this summer. The problem with that is that once it gets warm, I get a headache cause I can’t sweat, so I start boiling from the inside. Then I get sick >.<
        Teach me how to sweat when you get back?

        PS: Can you believe this?
        We have the same course for homeroom, but in DIFFERENT rooms! WHYYYYYYY…

        • I think you should consult a doctor about that. AS for the posters my mom is ok with it as long as it doesn’t look extremely bad or that it affects my grades in any way.
          Isn’t there a Winnie the pooh poster on my walll?
          And of course I’m getting old,my birthday is next month!

          ps. I think your sweating problem comes from not sweating enough during the year – go do some jumping jacks and re-activate your sweat glands !

          • Serené Lin says:

            Already did
            Doc said he was on vacation, and will not work.
            Thats that!

            I’m a fan XD
            They should have an Otaku version for Winnie the Pooh.

            I know, its almost impossible to forget with your username (0927) so get yourself a present and say its from me okay? XD

            PS: really? I am doing stuff like that, but I donno…it doesn’t feel right. I used to sweat better (lols, that sounds weird)

  2. Mint says:

    I demand pictures! I really want to see those posters.

  3. Ah, I’ve been in that “relative is an avid fan of online gaming” scenario before. It’s not great :/
    And you’re going to Disneyland IN HONG KONG? You lucky lucky girl 😀
    And with your Otaku-ness, you remind me of myself looking through a free typography site, pounding the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button with such enthusiasm that I probably dented the aluminium of my MacBook Air XD
    Ooh, and guess what? I’ve moved my blog 🙂 Remember Chimerical? *long silence* Well, it’s now at http://thechimericalpinecone.blogspot.com because I was really sick of Weebly 😀

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