A little white flower – mourning for ZhouQu landslide victims

A little white flower: I would like to send my heart out to those and those family who were victims in the large landslide that occurred just last week in (甘肃舟曲)ZhouQu, China. The large landslide was caused by very large rainstorms that cause the land to loosen and slide. I pray for the safety of all those victims of the incident and hope all those residence that are missing or remained unreached are safe and alive. Lastly, my encouragement goes out to the residence of ZhouQu, to keep moving forward, rebuild and to regain spirit after this disaster.

Being a follow chinese and also being in China right now, this natural disaster hit me especially hard. It moves me on how hard the  soldiers are trying to rescue as many people as they can, and also how many other countries are sending money to aid China in this kind of situation. The chinese mourned for the deaths of thousands during this incident by stopping media for one day (on August 15th,2010). Only one television program is shown on every channel – which mourns for victims of the incident. All chinese websites are also turned black and white, games were also disabled for one day – every single site hanged banners to show their support.

As one person, posting and mourning about this incident is the least I can do, if you can, please donate, or do anything to help those in this disaster.

To learn more click [[HERE]] & [[HERE]]


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4 Responses to A little white flower – mourning for ZhouQu landslide victims

  1. misterblah says:

    Its very sad for the chinese victims and I can’t beieve why not enough foregin aid is being reached in these areas. However I believe things happen for a reason and I think some of these people deserve, yes deserve it beause the universe is always in balance. Think about it, the scams and touts in China, the pollution in China and all that. Overall, I’m saying while this is a disaster like any other in 2010 (floods in Pakistan and earthquakes in the Pacific), everything happens for a reason and some people just deserve it.

    • Very true, but at the end of the day, the lost of lives are still the lost of lives. It is something to grive about. Also, if you think about it, yes, there are a lot of scams and touts in China, but isn’t there in every country? You also need to take into consideration that there are a lot of people in China, therefore not all of them are scammers – those who go down the wrong path. I also hope for the safety for those involved in other incidents in 2010 – the reason I wrote this post is not that this incident is any more important than the others, but that I’m in China right now and all my family, friends and relatives are also doing the same thing and that it feels very major right now – similar to how if you wouldn’t worry much if someone you don’t know got a fever but would if your sibling did.

      Summary: The post is of a mourning gesture, not talking about any ‘scams’ or ‘reasons for natural disasters’.

      • misterblah says:

        mhmmmmm well i feel sorry for the people that have lost loved ones but still, based on my experience, everything happens for a reason. that’s just my belief 😛

  2. hannah :) says:

    Oh my God. That’s truly horrific. These incidents always feel very distant to me because I don’t generally know anyone in the country of the incident. Nothing much like this happens where I live. But to read a blog post from someone who is possibly affected just brings everything into focus. God bless them.

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