Starburst-chan’s 2010 China trip-Post 1


Considering I haven’t visited my hometown of Fuzhou, Fujian, China since 2005 – a year after I immigrated with my family to Canada, I decided that I should go back to reconnect with my chinese roots and it’s good to change your environment once in a while.  Before I blab on and on and on about something that is not the main point, I’ll just get it out, first and foremost, that I probably am not going to be blogging frequently as these things happen because where I’m staying (at my grands’ house) – the internet is dial up, so they charge us through the phone bill – there is a time limit of 4 hours per day of internet. Plus you got to take into account that I’m kinda lazy..teehee. Facebook, youtube, twitter, all banned -.-

The flights

Canada > Detroit, USA > Hong Kong bus to>ShenZhen> Fuzhou, Fujian

Canada >> Detroit

Got up at 6 AM to eat breakfast and head over to my mom’s friend’s house. Did I mention that I’m travelling with my mom’s friend and her son until Hong Kong? So we get ready and started driving towards the airport – in pouring rain – after about a 40 minute? ride we get to the airport. Everything was pretty quick – the checks, luggage shipping, filling out the US customs form , etc. After everything was done, we get to the waiting area at about 7:30ish – which means that we have a 3 and a half hour wait until our flight at about 11 AM. So I had nothing better to do than to use my mouth and quiz my mom’s friend’s 18 year old son logic puzzles – What starts with “T” , ends with “T” and is full of “T”? – you get the point. So we finally get to the flight – and guess what? the flight attendant has the same name as me – YAY. So we take off – and land about an hour later in Detroit – how I just love that the wait was longer than the flight.

Detroit >> Hong Kong

The Detroit airport was surprisingly big with full of random discoveries. The tunnels connecting the wings had walls that turned different colours of the rainbow – which reminded me of Lucky Charms cereal. We arrived at about 12 – therefore we went to lunch at a Mcdonalds in the airport  – which leads to the biggest shock I have had yet – THERE IS NO MCCHICKEN ON THE US MCDONALDS MENU :O. As a McChicken lover, as soon as that cashier non-chalantly said that “we don’t serve McChicken”, my heart dropped – or was it my stomach? So yeah I had to settle for a Crispy Chicken – which was apparently the closest thing. Good thing was that there was free refills – YAY! After we ate we waited and waited until we board onto the plane for our flight.

For the flight, we sat in the back of the plane, ate nasty airplane food, and watch movies – 500 days of summer, percy jackson and the olympians, alvin and the chipmunks the squeakquel, Liar Game – Final Stage. After 17 hours of sleeping and watching, we arrive at Hong Kong. Then bused to ShenZhen, where I stayed for the night.

ShenZhen >> Fuzhou

Normal 1 hour flight, snacks, beverages, done. Arrived at the open arms of family. Went back to the new furnish house my grandpa and grandma now lives in. I have arrived at the world of seas of people, large population density, no tax and high buildings.

I know, flights aren’t interesting – I’ll sure to bring more interesting posts and pictures as soon as I get my lazy butt to write them.


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15 Responses to Starburst-chan’s 2010 China trip-Post 1

  1. Serené Lin says:

    Sounds awesome! Way better than what I’ve been up to >…<

    Bring me back some chinese oxygen!
    By the way…what starts with T, ends with T, and is full of T?

    • Serené Lin says:

      Lols, for some reason, half of my comment disappeared when I posted it, so here’s what was between the 1st and second paragraphs:

      If you’re still on Chinese soil when you read this, mind checking something out?
      I read somewhere that Deviantart is apparently also banned in China, try it out =D

      And when are you coming back?
      School >.<

      [/Ends extra stuff]
      Yays ^-^

      Is it really warm there?

      • It’s TEAPOT.
        Deviant art is not banned, twitter, facebook and youtube is, I can’t reach blogspot either, and accessing english sites require slower than normal loading speeds… cept mangafox, but that’s developed by chinese people. I have to use proxy site, and even if I do that I can’t tweet or even see facebook or twitter.
        ANd yes, I am coming back on the 27th of August, but I don’t really want to go back that early, all my family is here, it feels soo warm, D’awwh.
        Yes, it is warm, at noon you get baked like pepperoni pizza at Pizza Hut.
        DON’T REMIND ME OF SCHOOL. Have not practice balancing chemical equations (didn’t master it in the first place), haven’t practiced math,science or french either.

        • Serené Lin says:

          My favorite object =D

          Are you serious? Deviantart isn’t banned? A lot of great deviants got cut off in 2006 or 2008 because China did a Deviantart ban…maybe they lifted it?

          Youtube’s ban is quite recent 😀
          Blogspot is banned? Muahahaha, pity, you’re missing out on a LOT of new information XD
          At least you’re not missing out on Manga. What about anime? By the way, did you know, they have this new anime, and all the voice actors are apparently all the “most famous Japanese voice actors”. They have voice actors who played Amu+Dia (Shugo Chara) Kobato (!), Yoshio(OHSHC), Leo (Pandora Hearts), the weird girl in OHSHC, a person in TMoHS, Sonia in HtCB, and others I didn’t bother checking.
          I’m not sure if you know all of those animes yet…

          Anyways, the particular one I’m talking about has no real useful story line… >..< ah well, bad luck with timing.

          Its really warm here this year too, so you're not alone XD

          OMG. I didn't do chemical equations either. Completely forgot how =D
          I'm still working on math, but I doubt that I'm actually learning anything. Education goes in one ear, and out the other. If they want to make people smarter, evolution should make sure they only have one ear. Education and information can only go in and can't come out XD
          Seriously, I don't understand why you took 3 languages. Life is too short for that…

          PS: Have you noticed?
          After all that advertising, I didn't tell you the anime's name XD

          • I’m a little teapot short and spourt, here is my handle…. Isn’t banned, for sure, just checked two seconds ago. And psh, I can still reach blogspot through proxy sites so I can still read your entries, it’s just that I can’t comment/ make my mark on other people’s blogging territory. HOLY SHIZ. Yes! Are you serious? Must be a good anime to watch – and I do know most of those animes, except HtCB (Hayate the combat butler?) WOW, that paragraph was soo productive, now I must google all day until I find the anime name myself. Hoho, I am so glad that I am not the only one slacking. Three languages are awesome ok? That way when I graduate, I can secretly curse other people in 4 different ways even if they don’t know it.. MUahahaha.

            • Serené Lin says:

              Up already?
              Good morning =D

              Mua ha ha ha.
              Another random piece of news: You know Hello Project? The company/agency that looks after Buono? The news is that 3 very important (and really good) singers from another music group in that company is graduating, and all the fans are mad, since they won’t be singing anymore.
              On the other hand, they opened up auditions for 9th generation to fill in the open spots from the graduating people.

              Yups, HtCB is what you think it is. Although I say you don’t need to waste time searching. Its a bad storyline. Waste of good voices. As far as I can tell, its a cat VS dog world, with humans in the middle, and all the characters are weird. Theres only 1 guy character, and I’ve seen at least 10 girls now. Enough said.

              Is cursing people really that fun to do?
              I find it interesting how normally the first thing you learn in other languages are the bad words.
              I don’t know any bad words in any languages other than english >.<
              I seem to have fallen out of the status quo

  2. This is my first time i visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog, especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! Keep up the good work

  3. misterblah says:

    lolz sharon!!!! on flights to china from canada, it’s always cheaper to go through a u.s. city right??? In your case, it was Detroit yet I don’t understand why you could’ve picked nearby Chicago instead.
    Look forward to seeing the pics 🙂

  4. hannah :) says:

    McChicken? Eh? That doesn’t exist in England either 😥
    But we do have the McChicken Sandwich, if that counts 😀
    It’s my favourite too 🙂
    I wish I was going to China too, but I’d never be allowed on a long-haul flight, because my parents hate them :S

    • I am talking about the McChicken Sandwich – its tender,juicy chicken breast, with mayonnaise and fresh chopped lettuce…but somehow the founding country of McDonalds don’t have it ..that is just sad. If you want to come to China then come…you just have to either wait until you’re old enough to make your own money to travel alone, or to convince your parents. It IS heck of a long flight..17hours in literally 1.2 by 1.2 m of your own space with a blanket,pillow and a PSP box size of touchscreen entertainment. It’s really hot here too..27-37 degrees celcius. But what China is full if is culture and excitement…at no time is the street quiet or nothing going on..seriously, ’cause these days my sleep is disrupted by the sound of construction right under my room window -.-

  5. Mint says:

    LOL that Detroit airport sounds awesome. Rainbow-y tunnel walls ftw! I can relate much to your airport experience, that very, very, extremely long direct flight… And we had movies on a loop, so I think I watched Spiderman 3 about four times. =_=

    Hurry and write up posts about your actual trip!! With pictures! I never was a fan of chicken sandwiches… Just sayin’. ;D

    • GAH. STOP RUSHING ME! I will eventually write about it – because I’m going to Hong Kong in a few days and I don’t want posts to pile up on me. The hard thing is pictures – can’t find much chinese pictures providers you know… I can’t even see pictures on my own blog when using a chinese computer.

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