Kaichou Wa Maid Sama – character analysis & more~

Kaichou wa Maid Sama – by Fujiwara Hiro – ran since December 2005 – recently been released as an anime by the J.C. Staff – and nobody really cares about all of this extra information – in truth, it always comes down to what they put in front of us on the screen (monitor size may vary)

Basically, it’s a shoujo about a tsundere girl (Misaki Ayuzawa) who is an extremely hard worker, boy hater and also student council president in a school that is mainly guys. Expectantly, she doesn’t resolve the school problems by BEING NICE to the council and those that technically work under her – or just guys in general – she carries out her plans to change the school by discipline, her monster aura, lotsa yelling and a lot of asses being whooped – literally. Then this blonde, quatre british dude (Usui Takumi) who is perfect comes in and you pretty much know what’s gonna happen next- falls in love,faces some challenges, get resolved… Like any typical shoujo.

OH by the way, did I mention that she also works at a maid cafe and the only one who knows this secret is Usui.

Why am I summarizing the plot of Kaichou Wa Maid Sama (KWMS for short) ? Well – I’ve decided to do an all anime post FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER (*insert applause*) – Basically character analysis and commentary on the manga and anime. I shall attempt to analyze and create a post that is hopefully even half as awesome as the bloggers at Sekijitsu, Metanorn or any other high-traffic anime blog sites.


Prepare to enter the danger zone…

Misaki Ayuzawa:

Ayuzawa Misaki

The main character and protagonist of the story! Obviously a tsundere – violent, explosive and at times unreasonable side of her personality eventually changes over time through her interactions with Usui Takumi, the male lead. It is always expected that it’s going to be a romantic relationship that does change this violent, boy hating masochist into almost a blushing, love sensitive, caring monster (thus the term tsundere).

probably the only normal looking misaki we'll ever see

Although we know this, we are still curious about the process that follows this vague description of the plotline – and that’s where Usui’s mysterious (yet sexy) aura comes in – along with his unknown background~ If you take a look at the manga, the guys are always hot from the beginning, while the female protagonist – the one going through the most changes as the plot advances – gets cuter and cuter both personality-wise and appearance wise. The change in drawing style, in my opinion, was for the better – the feel of the new, smoother drawings are just more eye candy for me πŸ˜€

I really love how Misaki’s appearance actually changes with her personality – as she’s unraveling more about herself, what’s better for the school, her feelings for Usui and Usui’s background. Her unwavering determination, work-till-death-attitude, independence, inner monster and her kaichou/dictator-ness is no doubt still there, but it has progressed to take more of a backseat to all her flustered, red-faced, blushing, and hiding-her-embarrassment-and-feelings-with-lies – in short- her MOE-ness. She has become the damsel in distress – which I really can’t stand sometimes – especially seeing it in the anime.


Attitude: “Discipline is the way to go – nothing’s earned unless you go through suffering ” & “Screw you, if you break my rules, I don’t care who you are, you’re doing things MY WAY


Combination: Haruhi Suzumiya ( The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) + Yuri (Yuripee) Nakamura (Angel Beats!) + Hikari Hanazono (Special A) = Misaki Ayuzawa?!?

Takumi Usui:

Stalker, Chess expert, cooking master, incredible athlete, artist, smart (2nd in exams after Misaki), smexy, and an exotic background too. In other words – the COMPLETE PACKAGE (how did Misaki manage to bag this dude?) First things first, there is absolutely NO DOUBT that he is SMEXY/HOT/HANDSOME/DASHING – especially after the style change in the manga. He does look a bit deformed at times in the anime (*writes complaint letter*) – especially in those oddly *coughuglycough* coloured uniforms.

Anyways – nothing is more worth fangirling over than a hot guy with a mysterious past. Exactly what Misaki’s trying to find out, but maybe should not have poked her nose where it doesn’t belong ’cause she may have dragged herself into a complicated situation – but we want her to do that – more meat on the bones, more plot, longer run, happy readers πŸ˜€

BACK TO USUI; nobody really got the chance to wonder why such a smart student is at a high school like Seika until the manga actually point it out – we just all assume that FATE brought the two together – chess pieces on a checkered board – and we get to see how they interact.


Usui’s type is very unique – he’s like a silent genius in some ways – a strategist, observer, someone who has the meaning of life wrapped around their finger – everyday just a bore chore for them – until someone breaks the rules and catches their interest – someone like Kyoya Ootori from Ouran High School Host Club. Evidence? He was and still insists that he and Misaki are not in an ‘romantic’ relationship because it is too troublesome – that’s his answer when Kanou asked him, and the time the-guy-sakura-had-a-crush-on asked him (thanks a lot wikipedia – can’t find anything -.- )

Combination: Takashima Kei (Special A) + Ikuto Tsukiyomi (Shugo Chara!) = Usui Takumi πŸ˜€
EDIT: originally I had Edward Elric in the equation but i decided to take him out.

Secondary Characters:

If they weren't mention here - it is because that they didn't make big enough
Β of an impression on me that I felt that they were worth mentioning
(correct me if I'm wrong)

First and foremost, the secondary characters, at their current standpoint in both the manga and especially in the anime – were almost all very one dimensional and flat. Some characters may have more development than others – but it doesn’t feel like that the characters themselves are as alive as those in Angel Beats! or Full Metal Alchemist. You will always know that Sakura’s going to smile and explode in her moeness, Yukimura with his obedience and soft spot for Usui – just makes you want to ask – where’s the ugly side? What’s REALLY behind their apparent images? The answer? There probably is none (with the exception of some).

pulls it off better than misaki

Yukimura Shouichirou – Sugar, spice and everything nice in a male high school student. Looks good in girls clothes too. In the manga now a suitable companion to Kanou – his girly & gentle aura evens out the dark aura Kanou emits.

Kanou Soutarou – A hypnotist that’s afraid of girls that eventually overcame it and started hanging with Yukimura… that’s it.

Shintani Hinata – one of the characters with at least some character development ; A childhood friend of Misaki who protected him from falling out of a tree (considering Misaki’s protectiveness). Has an one-sided love for Misaki in which he came to Seika high to search for.

Baka trio

Baka trio – All that was memorable was that one is a wannabe mangaka, one’s incredible at sewing, one’s the former leader of a gang but then resigned because of his mother. They are suppose to be comic relief characters like Puck, but after the first few chapters/episodes – their tactics gets old and they are just.not.funny.


Igarashi Tora – Miyabigaoka kaichou, an hentai one-san (perverted big brother) who probably treats woman as possessions (the more the merrier?) and has romantic interest in Misaki because he is not like anything he has seen before. (Takashima Kei x Hikari Hanazono case?)

Maria Miyazono – A wide-chested (maybe non-Japanese) English teacher at Seika High that is an acquaintance of Tora that is hired to convince Usui to go to Miyabigaoka. Speaks fluent english, has a fiancee, maybe lesbian considering she loves Misaki – and according to Usui – the daughter of one of his tutors when he was young.

Aoi Hyoudou – A young boy who loves to crossdress/cosplay as a cute girl because he likes cute things. Initially I actually forgot about Aoi until someone commented and reminded me (arigato!~) He’s the internet idol Aoi-chan who is apparently famous for taking cute pictures (yay). He ‘s such a manipulative little boy/girl who on the outside seem to think that no one is worth his time (except Usui), but on the inside he’s actually not so selfish when you think about it.

Suzuna Ayuzawa: Misaki’s younger sister, who appears to be in middle school in the anime and manga. She constantly tries to win food and other kinds of contests in order to get free supplies for her family (her way of helping her family’s financial situation). So far, Suzuna doesn’t appear more than a few times in the manga, but is a frequent character in the anime. She usually shows little to no emotion.

Manga VS Anime

Anime Problem #1 Worst Colour Combo Uniforms

Seriously? Pale green and yellow? That is all you can come up with? The lack of contrast and bright colour sometimes distract from the character’s faces. One of the reason why that I always skip the OP in the anime is that I couldn’t stand the 20 seconds where Misaki and Usui were modeling those odd uniforms by walking so NATURALLY (sarcasm intended).

Lack of three-dimensional feel & details in anime

Somethings just looks better in black and white. Somehow for me, the shading in the manga gives the characters for life and a three dimensional feel than that of the anime. I’m not saying that everything in the anime looks like it’s been coloured in with the FILL tool in Microsoft Paint – but the manga’s got the anime beat.

Especially the romantic scenes – yes, it is cool to see everything in motion, but sometimes I just wish the J.C. Staff would just KICK UP their game even a little bit to at least fill some of the high expectations manga readers have. Not that the J.C. staff isn’t doing a good job. I am grateful that I can do less reading in one episode of the Kaichou wa maid sama anime than in the manga.

et finalement…

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for making it to this point and reading this huge amount of text (up to 1532 words now).

Anyways, I wouldn’t like to rank the anime/mangaΒ  in any scale from what number to what number considering that it is not over yet and that I’m not that good with making rankings (I’m a Libra, so very indecisive). COMMENT! Your rankings & opinions though are greatly appreciated!

Yes-desu! I have just completed my first all anime post! And pretty long too xD

Copyright photoshopped images for Usui and Misaki – Anime belongs to Fujiwara Hiro / J.C. staff (I OWN NOTHING!)

Screencaps credits to Mint-senpai ❀ @ Sekijitsu


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57 Responses to Kaichou Wa Maid Sama – character analysis & more~

  1. Mint says:

    EPIC post, ma kohai~ I could never analyze Misa and Usui that deeply, though, reading the manga must gie you a much better look at their personalities.

    Oh god, that walking clip in the OP pains me to look at it. Seriously, the animation is a bit of a let-down. And those uniforms are probably the worst color combination, and I honestly don’t know what they were thinking as well.

    I do want to learn more about Kanou and Hinata though. They sound like interesting characters!

    And I don’t see the Ed Elric in Usui… But he does remind me A LOT of Ikuto.

    • oh senpai ❀ thank yous so much
      and the manga does give you a better look at their personalities, but then again the manga is ahead – and the events more earth-shaking than so far of the anime
      I found the music video of the OP really hard to watch -.- too much moe-moe ness for me
      They should have made the uniforms navy blue and some other neutral colour – contrast πŸ˜€
      as for Edward Elric – I see him as Usui's chibi funnyside – but i should probably change that

  2. RA says:

    sry i got lazy and didn’t feel like spelling randomlyananomouseashdklfjha but of course.. w/out the spam at the end (:

    I only watched the first episode of KWMS anime and didn’t really like it so i got lazy XP

    i think you should add in there stuff about the voice actors
    usui is fine

    i totally agree about the lack of dimension
    i expected the animation to be really good since KWMS is such a popular manga
    but i guess i was wrong

  3. katyr7@gmail.com says:

    haha its awesome i love usui

  4. Mangafan says:

    i luv misa-chan nd usui!!!
    they 2 r the best couple!
    nd the videos r so funny!!!
    i love it!!!!!!

  5. princess says:

    I REALY LOVE THEM SO………….MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kazeneko says:

    You forgot Aoi!

  7. seikendetsu says:

    i love this anime but the lack of development in the last few episodes is starting to get on my nerves..

    i might have to get hold of the manga so i dont implode if the next episode is boring lol

    i agree about the side characters being one dimensional, i like how Kanou Soutarou has begun to notice whats going on as well, he has to be the most interesting by far, it would be good to see misaki directly confronting her feelings, with a rival coming into the picture things will hopefully get exciting, first impressions a bit one sided, a guy who eats too much? rofl

    that said

    hurry up and develop usui’s character!!

    • Thanks for the comment! I agree completely, the manga itself at the beginning was lacking in character development and filled with omakes that weren’t really entertaining – thus leading to the lack of development as those chapters turned into episodes in the anime. I think the parts of Kaichou wa maid sama before Shintani Hinata (the rival) arrived were boring because they wanted to develope Misaki’s relationship with Usui more, but her being a tsundere, takes a very long time to notice, so Usui’s tactics and Misaki’s same response would be systematic.
      I strongly recommend you read the manga, factors being that 1. the characters just for some reason look better in the manga (less distraction from ugly uniforms?)2. the romantic scenes just seem less mushy and sloppy 3. the latest arc of the manga is getting interesting and set at a faster pace, also with a new character (about Usui’s past) 4. the latest arc also has what you wanted – Usui development.
      As for Usui as a character, he usually has the cool attitude and doesn’t show any real emotion except for the flirting and love side to Misaki, therefore he may seemed or is undeveloped – that it because the early parts of the story has been focusing on Misaki and her tsundere development, and it seems unlikely that a coolhead and ‘alien’ like him would be much different after being in a relationship (He probably saw it coming because he’s a master observer). The only way he’s gonna develope is if something happens that is out of control or relating to him or Misaki in a large scale – which will drag some real emotion out of him and see what’s really beneath all that blonde hair and bow-chicka-wow-wow-ness.

  8. pallavi says:

    sorry fr asking but wts ‘OP’ ?

  9. pallavi says:

    and ur anime post is really amazing ….doesn’t feel like its ur first πŸ™‚

  10. Sundrea says:

    I liked this manga very much. Do any of you know what is the title of the song being sang in the last episode by Uxmishi? Thx before

  11. Yuki says:

    Suzuna has also been left out. DD:

  12. Kimi Kins says:

    who is Maria Miyazono? Is she only in the manga?

  13. Anonymous says:

    INTERESTING xD I love how you write incredible i wanna read the manga :/ the anime is good but yeah romantic scenes cheesy but you know the uniforms could be better but look at it this way they are awesome japanese people they are bright and colorful another things is both seem to be great both anime and ive heard manga but i can see that they are leaving characters out in the anime whatsoever it has very high rating mostly going towards making that second season i give you props youre a good writer add more to usuis backround they left so much out :/ cliffhangers these days πŸ˜€ at the end who was that woman leaving Usui as a child funny how he is British and speak Japanese well his smexyness is very smart at least this shoujo compares both anime and manga characters almost the same! -Teto

  14. i really like the story and the characters as well!!

  15. Emily says:

    OMG I LOVE THIS ANIME/MANGA I read both manga and watch anime cause it is also amazing i disagree about the outfit color though i think it’s cool but opinions are opinions right you can’t help it xD lol anyways ty for the info ❀ i really love it and i totally AGREE USUI IS TOTALLY UNCOMPARIBLY HOTTT MAN and also i love WATching Special A too it is cool and has a great touch of a little maid sama+misaki+usui like that it's cool but it's over waaa but it's k cause maid sama is not over yet!awesome! lol anyways i think it's hard to find a guy like usui but i think it's 1 in a billion we just need to search for it ❀ xoxoEmily

  16. i really really love maid sama

    specially usui san!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Xtiner says:

    Zomg, I love your analysis/summary thing πŸ™‚ It was comical reading your quirks and thoughts on certain parts .. and finding out I agree with you 100%!!
    When I read the “combination” for Misaki and Usui, I was surprised to see Special A characters. You also made me realised why I loved Special A so much when others found it repetitious and boring (screw them >_>) and it’s because I watched it right after Maid-Sama and so, the spirit of Usui & Misaki continued to the other anime πŸ˜€ Thank you for your indirect help! Haha.

    • MARY GRACE SMITH says:


  18. althea occidental says:

    i really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really SUPER DUPER LIKE KICHOU WA MAID SAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!by the way,for the creator of this anime,thank you(a MILLION times)because i found it interesting perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i almost got my room trash because it was full of maid sama posters and pictures………Usui-kun is so,so,so,so,COOl!!!!!!!!!Misaki-chan is so kawaii~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. this anime/manga shows me that theres nothing wrong in loving someone you like,besides it may have some sexual videos sometimes but it still shows what true love means. and now i keep watching this over and over again and again. in my school he knows kaichou wa maid sama he is trying to be like usui he has it all but the only problem is he isnt hat smart he knows chess,hot,handsome,and mre, some classmates of mine tell that he likes me but i really dont like him me and misaki has the same charactirictics i was voted as the president in the our student council and he does pop out (differently) and he always says i pop out normally im kinda hostile towards boys and i caant participate if theres a boy in our group so what i do is : pull there hairs whenever they dont listen to me,i yell always,and more hostile actions (not killing and tourchor thats so hostile) he does always is a troublesome to me i always blush whenever he does something like: what usui often says!


    • and we had this play like romeo and juliet we had the festival at our school i was picked as the princess and he was picked as the prince i had nothign to do i cant say no T_T (what happend BEFORE the play) : we went to the 1-F classroom and some other members in the play to get ready every one left but i was goign out until…… he get my hand and said DO I LIKE HIM?! i mean i had this best friend his a boy >_> and he said i keep bringing atention to my bestie so (i blush T_T) i said : ‘well i wasnt but…’ he said that this is what i am when im lieying i said ‘no its……’ and he said he loves me (the same thing what misaki said i hate you) so the play go on…………………..


    • MARY GRACE SMITH says:


    • MARY GRACE SMITH says:


  20. Anonymous says:

    nice ,,,is there a sesason in usui and misa chan?,, i only see the season one its soooooooooooo very nice,, and funny,, i like the chemistry of the two character,,..

  21. vesper says:

    tsk, the one who authored this is a MORON

  22. Mizaki Usui says:

    Super Duper Like This !!!!!!!………….
    I Love Them Misaki Ayuzawa And Takumi Usui

  23. Anonymous says:

    instantly fell in love with this anime πŸ™‚

  24. xiki fujizuka16 says:

    i love maid sama!!~~

  25. yes!! nothing is more worth fangiriling than a misterious-perfect-guy…
    I still read volume4, I enjoy their relationship so much , the way misa is always blushing and mad while usui shows his feeling , (but nothing could beat ranma-akane)
    I am hoping that this series won’t go to typical shojo plot as the main char start dating – boring

  26. Anna says:

    Ohmygosh. I watched this & Its one of my favorate anime ever. I wish it continued <l3

  27. ma. antonette visande says:

    i really love kaichou wa maid-sama… after ive seen all the episode is there any episode coming after episode 27 special…id love to know about usui’s life and how misaki-chan will know his secret..pls anybody help me…

  28. Ok i only know one person is Misaki’s combination…thats Hikari..I know all in Usui’s …..Usui, Ikuto, and Kei are my bkground on my computer…. I loooooove them all. My favorite and i mean favorite anime people. I don’t seen Edward in Usui, glad he was taken out. Smexy and hot and everything under the sun…is Ikuto Kei and Usui…smexy men right there. Lol

  29. Teresa says:

    What was usui brother name I’m pretty sure he was in the manga and the body guard name as well

  30. cosplay wigs says:

    We have been waiting to read about this, my boyfriend told me about it last week. I really wish i could split myself to be in 9 different places at once.

  31. Pinky Berry says:

    Awesome analysis!! >.< I love Maid-Sama so much!! waiting for season 2!!

  32. I’m just too curious what is the theme song of kaichou wa maid-sama and does it have a season 2, the story is great πŸ™‚

  33. Are they going to make a season 2? I agree the green yellow uniform doesn’t match well.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I really………..HOPE that Maid Sama would be seen again in ANIME this year as soon as POSSIBLE!!!!!!

  35. Glory Itielu says:

    hhahahahahahah :L That was amaaazeballs man! i’ve never seen anyone analyse anime/manga characters like you do !!! I was hoping to get a sneakpeek in here of what the future holds in the anime but i guess not lols aaanyways totes agree w/ the uniform colors .. they’re so ugly but yeeah πŸ™‚ This was a delight to read πŸ˜€

  36. Smitha788 says:

    I actually got into this post. I located it to be fascinating and loaded with exclusive points of interest. I like to read material that makes me believe. Thank you for writing this fantastic content. gkfkedeeeefaadce

  37. Krati Verma says:

    I wanted to ask a question – I know why Misaki fell for Usui. But I never understood why Usui started liking her? When he met her outside the Maid Latte, I believe it was just for entertainment that he started going to that place but when did it change it love? After 4-5 episodes he was shown outside Maid Latte saying “you just dont get it”.

    What made Usui fall for Misaki? Please end my misery and give me an answer!!! I want to know (tears in my eyes).

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe how she was interesting and didn’t seem to fall for him right away because of his looks and talent. Also Tora liked Misaki because he found her interesting.

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