ME is BACK! Summer is here! :)

After a long hiatus – composed of reading manga, watching anime, a whole lot of projects (summatives), and losta studying – I AM FINALLY BACK TO BLOGGING HERE @RLTW. πŸ™‚

It is summer time – it’s our vacation, what time is it? It’s party time – that’s right say it loud πŸ™‚ <—-from High School Musical 2 – just a random excerpt.

First of all, I apologize for my long hiatus and to any of you who were anticipating any posts – teehee.

ANYWAYS, what is new?

Manga/Anime – Started watching/reading Full Metal Alchemist (Brotherhood)So far I’ve only seen the anime for about 30 episodes – I gotta say that the characters are fantastic, the humor is even better and the plot is awesome. I’m probably going to start Letter Bee and maybe other non-shoujo mangas like D.Gray Man or something.

This Blog – gonna update more – and put on a new header occasionally- more content about anime and manga…hopefully

Did I mention I’m going back to China, after 4 years in my present country, for the summer – yes… the land of smog, industry,skyscrapers, and back doors in life. What makes it worst is that my hometown is in the south, across from Taiwan in the mainland. OH JOY, let’s all sweat like pork ribs on a barbecue.

Thanks to my friend Mint, now i know what orz means! πŸ™‚

It is too bad that some great animes are coming to an end –

Angel Beats! was awesome – great plot and character development- but I just wish that they would have extended it by a few more Angel  Beatsepisodes so they can get it more of the SSS member backgrounds – instead of just disappearing after saying “Ja-na~”. AND MAN – the only people who disappeared by themselves in the story were the two vocalists of Girls Dead Monster – I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY JUST ERASED YUI. but the way leading up to her disappearance was good enough so I can let it pass – but who’d ever thought Hinata was in love with her – we get the constant play fighting and stuff – but that was kind of unexpected

I heard Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is ending too, considering the manga ended recently – How do I know this? It is because I tend to spoil myself the ending before getting there :S I don’t mind thought ;D Just gives me more parts to look forward to in the plot.

Kaichou Wa Maid sama – apparently it’s going for 24 episodes – I have no idea whether it is a bad or good – It gives the plot time to develop in the anime, but there could also be poorly done filler episodes – but we’ll see how it turns out. But so far, having already read the manga, the anime is achieving satisfactory performance in terms of plot and character development – I haven’t seen anything amazing or excellent so far – sometimes the flowery moments just puts me to sleep. The anime so far is focusing WAY too much on the humor – which wasn’t in its strength in the first place- than on the plot – which kinda ticks me off – but I’m not gonna go punch someone in the face because of it – I can manage.

For the coming Summer – I’m planning to lose weight, considering I’m 136 lbs and apparently to my mom it is overweight… That’s probably true considering that I am only athletic if the school has the sport team – therefore i don’t exercise on my spare time. Thus, my gym class this year was not nearly as intense as the one i had last year, where the teacher made us run for 15 minutes non stop every single gym class. Therefore, I’ve gained a layer or two of flesh :S My plan – to run, jog, walk, do situps and pushups with my sister on my back (she’s 5 years old) – Yay for not needing to by exercise equipment… BUT. I have no idea if I could do it in China for one and a half months considering the high rise buildings with concentrated space and practically no grassy, open fields 😦

Exams – June exams were at a whole new level of difficulty than that of my January exams –Β  I didn’t do as well because for some exams I just wasn’t thinking – Math exam, for exam :S So now my marks have either gone up or down one or two percent – the average calculates to about the about the same, just 0.3 % off my second term – 92.5% now. Now during the summer and next year I’ve made a goal to manage time better, to not watch anime when I need to do homework – considering my WAY WAY HEAVY course load and the many clubs I’m joining – So far it’s Debate, DECA and BEAT – with a lot of planning involved considering I’m an executive :S Last case scenario I won’t do any sports. Hopefully I can manage a 90 with Spanish, french,English,computers, careers/civics, history, math and stellar science at the same time.. oi. maybe I should drop something

Also, I’m too lazy to think of some random colour pallet for this blog to be in, so COMMENT some random colour combination or some images plox πŸ™‚
that’s all for today, JA-NE~


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5 Responses to ME is BACK! Summer is here! :)

  1. misterblah says:

    finally ur back!!!!!!!!
    same old sharon, same old u. it sounds so much better when ur typing something online cuz when u tlk, u drone on and on and
    on….no offense. my fitness goals are very similar to urs cuz i suck at gym and i neva got a 80. 😦 hoepfully gr. 10 is a better year for me….

  2. Mint says:

    Yaaay I got a shout-out! xD May you abuse the orz many times in the future. FMA is AWESOME, so enjoy it while you can. Also, you’re such a crazy high-achieving student, kohai~

  3. adc4ever says:

    Haha. Your life sounds so busy and hectic… as always. You no like china? what r ya gonna when you go back there then considering you’ll be ‘stuck’ for like one-and-a-half-month?

  4. Hello again πŸ˜€
    Yay- more blog entries!
    I’ve never been to China, but perhaps it’s not going to be that hot- it’s hot here in England, so perhaps the world is going through some massive weather overhaul? Perhaps?
    You shouldn’t worry so much about your exams- you are doing AMAZINGLY. I’ve just done a whole load of exams and I don’t think I’ve done too well, but thank God they’re not GCSEs or anything πŸ˜€
    lol- My PE teacher used to make my class do that constant running thing (she said it had cardiovascular benefits, but I think it’d be more likely to give me a heart attack than anything else :D)… MOST. EXHAUSTING. THING. EVER.
    And thank God for summer! (though I’ve still got a good while ’till the holidays *sigh*)

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