IT’S FRIDAY!*lets out deep breathe*&*collapses on bed*

Thank GOD it’s FRIDAY.

As you can all see, I have not commented for a month – I haven’t been able to – but now I can, I will take this opportunity to RANT first…because i will probably die of OSSSS (Overdose of Summatives, Stress and School Syndrome) first.

I know the OSSSS didn’t make sense, but I just wanted to put an acronym in there, so MEH. (o.o)

OK-desu (HORRAH! JAPAN-ENGLISH~) This month was practically a soup mixed with sports, clubs, interviews, homework, assignments, summative projects, and amidst ALL OF THAT – allergies just suddenly kicked in… -.- Oi.

Let’s break this into steps shall we? First of all, I had to do a performance in the Chinese Skit at my school for this festival-like event that is called “World Tour”. It happens every two years, and thus pretty/kinda/maybe special. If you have taken the French in High school, it’s exactly like une Soiree des Etoiles…cept without the art, cool bands, or donating to charity.

Well getting to the point, I play the mother – to keep a long story short, I’m suppose to be very sweet and kind to my husband while yelling at my white washed third generation CBC children to learn chinese table manners so they can impress their father’s boss at the banquet they were invited to for the Mid autumn moon festival – not to mention that the father’s promotion depended on the dinner. Well, as expected, those kids who are asian failing (“BARELY PASSING!WITH 85S AND 90S!” – one of my lines xD ) broke every single rule of Chinese table manners there is (if you are one of the probably 2 billion Chinese people living on Earth, you would probably know)- like playing with chopsticks, blah blah blah – the father gets chased out with a broom…Then I yell at the children some more, the kids reflect on their behaviour, retries the dinner and YAY father gets promotion, and his ass gets saved from being hit by a broom too xD

It was a pretty fun experience, considering we practiced pretty hard the entire month, memorizing, performing three times in one day, in front of our entire school..It was worth it I guess – a lot of people did come up to us and say that it was the most entertaining thing out of the entire World Tour, but then again, everything else were performances, and the only other play had no humour in it.

ON TO THE NEXT ONE (some random rap song), summatives – O M G (forgive me for the overused lingo here) SUMMATIVES are end of year evaluations, in other words, huge projects that every single subject has, except math and science, that is worth about 15% of your final mark…and it is coming, from all subjects, towards me, like METEORITES FROM OUTER SPACE…IT IS JUST.. ARGH! A CANADIAN environmental research project for GEOGRAPHY, an essay to be written in class for English, something for Business, a written biography of Zinedine Zidane (+ oral presentation) for FRENCH, 10 minute performance for drama about GANGS……
With all of that came tests, quizzes, bonus assignments … A WHOLE MISH MUSH OF PROJECTS AND WORK and all of the things you don’t really want coming at you at once…THE ONLY THING to keep you alive in this metaphoric COTTON PLANTATION is that you will be free in ONE MONTH…but then there’s still Exams, EQAO….etc.

On top of that, I have soccer games, which occurs every week, along with practice, and I’m a benchwarmer, so I don’t play much…

What I am most afraid of is NEXT YEAR. This year i worked my butt..nay MY ASS off to get my 92.8% average in term two and i’m trying to keep that… but next year I have a very heavy course load:

English  French  Spanish  History  Civics  Computers  Enriched Science  Math

Three languages – English, French and Math is said to be getting harder in those grades… I’m hoping I won’t kill myself. I am also hoping that i will be able to handle all of that, along with the two sciences next year..and two science plus 3 maths the year after… But seriously, I think I may have set myself up for both social and academic suicide here because as you can see, there are no Open courses. ALL CORE. ALL HARD CORE.
so in grade 11 it will turn to

English, French, Spanish, Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology (maybe), Computers.

and grade 12:

English French Spanish, Advance Functions, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Computers – and probably i need Data managament in summer school and Biology i may drop. But that’s on the basis of me wanting to go into the science field in university…but that could change.

Clubs i aim to join next year: DECA, REPS, basketball, soccer, BEAT exec, SAC, Debate, F1.

too much? I think so too.

OK.   ( ) ( )
(< <)


the master have spoken! (LOL. Clearly i think too much of myself)


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14 Responses to IT’S FRIDAY!*lets out deep breathe*&*collapses on bed*

  1. adc4ever says:

    hahaha, the play sounds especially funny 😀

  2. Leeeeeeel says:

    MAJOR NERD. : ) = good thing

  3. Anonymous says:

    SHIT 92.8?!

  4. randomlyanonamous says:

    i read it
    i feel bad for you
    and i’m taking up a lot of comment space by writing
    tee hee
    or should i type
    good luck
    T^T live long a prosper

  5. Pieeee says:

    Oh my god, and I thought I was stressed. I wish you the best of luck. Wait, not that you need it since your so smart~ Just relax for maybe a few minutes. Hot shower? LOLS.

    The play sounds awesome. I wanna do it too. But I have to wait ’till grade 10. Sucky.

  6. Mint says:

    OSSSS haha- nice acronym you got there. I think I’ve been living it.
    A bio of Zidane? Awesome! Although those do sound like some tough classes you’re going to take @_@ Though you’re getting super involved in school, which is a good thing! Don’t burnout from the stress.

    • Muhaha. Nothing better than a french summative on a attacking midfielder xD
      The reason i’m taking those things is because of the doors it each open for the scary thing we call the future.
      French and Spanish for the certificates and extra edge in the work field
      the ASIAN SIX PACK because i LOVE science
      and computers to see if i’m interested in it xD
      now i realize i have all core subjects… that means instead of the 4 recommended U and M courses, i prob have…ALL..
      LOL. that means i need SUPER GOOD time and stress management to survive all that, ALONG WITH extra curriculars and volunteering…

  7. Serené Lin says:

    Hi Mom =D
    How’s the kitting going?

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