Starburst’s dictionary of words,acronyms, and other terms

Feeling proud because I just finished photoshopping the custom header πŸ™‚ Ok now let’s get to the point πŸ˜›

After chomping on another bag of sweet chili rice crisps (too cheap to afford Doritos), I had the most brilliant idea to reveal to you what specific words mean in the intricate information system that is my brain, or as I like to call it – something Patrick Star uses for storing donuts.

Manga – The meaning of life! Stories told by mainly illustrations which makes the plot easier to understand because it visualizes it for you.

E.g. “Manga is awesome.” <— couldn’t agree more

(if I sub in the definition)

“The meaning of life is awesome” or “Stories told by mainly illustrations are awesome”

So if someone says that “Manga is horrible” –they-mean—> “The meaning of life is horrible”

So obviously, they don’t know what they’re talking about πŸ™‚ There’s countless mangas out there in the world, it’s impossible that they have read every single one to say that manga in general is horrible or any extreme-negatives. TAKE THAT MANGA-HATERS ;D

Anime – Manga (the meaning of life) put into animation by companies who can do their job on basis of a quality ranging from “dull as oatmeal” to “makes me want to fly to Jupiter” – but usually, they hover around the “on and off phase” in the “as interesting as a light switch” because most of the time the anime has its “bright” moments, and others its “dim” moments, and sometimes they are just off.

For example, Shugo Chara Party! in my opinion is 95% off. The 5% left are half for the miracles in which they actually produce a enjoyable/semi-enjoyable episode, or they made an episode SO HORRIFYINGLY IRRITATING and BORING that they actually burned out the metaphoric “lightbulb”

E.g. “The Mangas are usually better than the anime, but it’s fun to see the characters in motion, colour and speaking too.”

Books – A very useful resource, not just for information, but also for using as a pillow, reading, as weapons or as a shield. It is also sometimes the cause of headaches, migraines and over-thinking.

E.g. Person #1: “I’m going to hit you in the head with this book if you don’t stop being a pain in the @R$#R”

*grabs and raises textbook, preparing to hit person#2*


*grabs another textbook and uses it as a shield.*


Person #4: If the orbital period of Io is 85 hours and its constant is 9.65 x 10^26, what would be the orbital period of Leo if it is 55 x 10^58 m from Jupiter? T cubed is directly proportional to R squared, thus…….

Local Libraries – composes of a small location, glitched equipment, and some staff who don’t seem to care or want to assist you in any way whatsoever, and a small number of resources to use.

Person#1 : I checked this book in weeks ago, but you’re still fining me for it. This isn’t the first time this happened either

Librarian (with attitude): Sorry, this book isn’t from our branch, so you need to call the other branch and ask them about it.

Person #1: Well can you please halt the fine then?

Librarian: (sighs) Fine…

Person #1 thinks : the attitude of these librarians!The ones from the bigger branches never make mistakes like this.

Disney-the source of 90% of annoyance on television and 95% of the worst teenager actors of our generation

Person # 1: Have you seen Cheetah Girls: One world?

Person# 2: Yes, I watched it with my sister, and I’ve come to give appreciation to my parents for having me earlier because i wouldn’t be able to handle watching those horrible clichΓ©s all the time.

Chivalry- knight-like and gentlemen-like acts – something that only exists in manga, anime and other kinds of FICTIONAL literature in the modern age. Not in reality

E.g. “Chivalry is dead, that is why no guy is ever going to randomly burst through a classroom and profess their love for you”

“Chivalry acts, like catching you when you trip – something that Usui Takumi, Syaoran Li, Takishima Kei and other characters have done – but not in real life.”

SMAG-Smexy, manly, amazing guys πŸ™‚ Usually found in manga/anime, and other forms of fiction.

Examples : Takashima Kei, Usui Takumi, Syaoran Li, Fujimoto…


Mood: A bit rusty

Word of the Day: Intricate

Doing: Yawning.


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16 Responses to Starburst’s dictionary of words,acronyms, and other terms

  1. randomlyanonamous says:

    kinda like urban dictionary
    it be quite freaking of someone just bursts in and professes their love for you o.o
    and i think its quite impossible to react in time to catch someone that falls

  2. Pieeee says:

    You should do more of these. ;p
    I agree with the SMAG but what about CAB ( Cute, adorable, boys.) Ahaaa, and yes chivalry is dead, VERY dead.

  3. Douja says:

    Haha love this “sweet chili rice crisps (too cheap to afford Doritos” this is hilarious. You are such a great writer

  4. kelakagandy says:

    I am super jealous of your photoshop skills, because that banner is just fantastic!

  5. dreamcatcher says:

    … too cheap to afford doritos, now i want some sweet chili heat doritos .(hmmm)

  6. Cool and intriguing blog!!! Your blog teach me soo nanny new words!! I never know that Manga is the meaning of life xDD Gotta read one someday and see what on earth it is all about

  7. douja says:


  8. Hello! You’re really good with Photoshop πŸ˜€
    I actually envy the fact that you are so good at using it- just have a look at my blog ( ) and look at the header. It’s not half as good as yours 😦 I need to take lessons from you πŸ˜€
    And, please can your word of the day be ‘chimerical’ for your next blog post? Please? It’s an awesome word! πŸ˜€

    • thank yous πŸ™‚
      NAH. it just takes practice…and automatic photoshop actions…
      Chimerical isn’t just awesome, IT’S FANTASTIC ;D
      (if you don’t get that, it’s your blog title xD )

  9. BTW, I agree- manga is AWESOME πŸ˜€

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