Beach Day

Hoora! It is Saturday and I have finally worked up the courage to go outside – and I don’t mean 5 feet outside, I mean actually to a park about 20 minutes drive from my house. That’s a pretty big step for me because I’m a couch potato. Therefore, numerous things were accomplished today – my mom got a new desk + bookshelve, and I got to take some photos 🙂

You may not be asking (because probably no one notices) that I’m posting at 7 pm, which is pretty weird because I usually post at about 11pm or after on a normal weekend. Anyway, it’s because:

1. There’s nothing on TV, when you’re caught between a computer and Zoey 101, Charlie and the chocolate factory (oldie version) and Star Wars the clone wars, it’s obvious which one I’m going to be attracted to and which one I’m gonna turn off.

2. The dark sunset-ish sky outside is making me emo, or rather sleepy actually, and I don’t like that feeling

3. As a nerd (and a proud one at that :-B ), I need a distraction from my EPIC FAILURE. (If you don’t know what I’m taking about refer to my last post)

Now onto the pictures! I feel like calling them ORGANIC PICTURES because I didn’t photoshop them – Why? It could be because i want to show its natural beauty and let it shine, or that I was just too lazy and tired to render or Gaussian blur them.




Well, It’s a beach alright. Lake Ontario to be exact. Not much to say here.

Well my family and I went to a park near lake Ontario to have a picnic with sweet chili rice crisps, chicken legs, bottled water and juice boxes 🙂 THAT’S A LOT OF VARIETY IF YOU ASK ME 🙂

I’m guessing you know the majority of the trip was spent on finding flat and aerodynamic rocks for skipping stones, and skipping stones. The water was too cold to dip in and the winds were a bit too strong by the time we left. Badminton was no question a useless activity to play in these conditions. So thus we had to use the resources that we have.

Wow. I’m even putting myself to sleep writing this. I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves and and put in comments.




Seagulls! Why are they here? No, it’s not because they are attracted to my undeniable beauty, it’s because we started throwing those rice crisps on the ground, so they flew in and started devouring the bite size pieces of chili flavoured goodness like me on manga/anime and/or chocolate.


We're not the only ones feeding the hungry.


Hahaha! I’ve been waiting to type this all day. So here it is

Ever heard of Swan Lake? Well this is Swan Ontario Lake 🙂

On a side note, if you want more of these pictures and/or you’re just bored and need something or anything too look at and waste little bandwidth, go to my new Picasa Web Album! 🙂


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2 Responses to Beach Day

  1. You’re lucky that the Seagulls didn’t eat you up—- they’re very very vicious!!! Congrats on beating laziness— and manage to enjoy a day on the beach!

    I have always wanted to do that— but then again I’m too lazy. I agree with you— Standard TV is so boring. I mean mann, have they ran out of things to show???

    But hey—- the positive thing is is that you managed to have a great time on the beach with your family!!! =)

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