Avatar in 3D + Pandora Hearts

This morning at precisely 12:00pm, I went with my mom and a family friend to our local movie theater to watch AVATAR in 3D

…Wow, that past sentence sounds like a five year old at show and tell, talking monotonously about his incredibly boring summer.

Anyways, the movie was AWESOME..BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN SO FAR. It had the right amount of romance, tragedy,

happiness, and violence. The special effects, were of course, AMAZINGLY DONE – the beautiful scenes, places, animals, plants and WOW. It even had a moral to it – DON`T MESS WITH NATURE and that fighting terror with terror has got to be the stupidest thing to do on a foreign planet.

James Cameron is such a master, He wrote, directed and produced this amazing film, as well as Titanic and countless other films I don’t know – someone give him a large sized cheese burrito topped with extra salsa, cause that 2h and 45m was the best use of my time this March break

ALSO, to add to “productive” day I’ve had, or should I s

ay, am having, is that I started another manga – Pandora Hearts!

I just realized the association of Planet Pandora in Avatar and Pandora Hearts….LMAO.

Well, most of my friends say it’s ok, the art looks pretty good, better than waiting around for other manga on my list to update. (hint hint I put in a new page!)

Speaking of Pandora, I keep juxtaposing it with Pandora‘s Box, the one that was released with all the evil spirits and hope at the very bottom? But heck, Pandora has got to be the mythical character with the most curiousity and least self control in the world…

But then again, back then they had people who married their siblings (INCEST), and people running around naked or draped in bedsheets (togas) – therefore I am assuming that the people who gave Pandora the box didn’t know of reverse psychology.

I am also starting to read Firethorn, I was literally on the verge of sleep when I decided to blog. Now i know why people read books before they go to sleep :O (sudden realization 🙂 )


Mood: Accomplished

Word of the Day: Drudge (meaning servants who do labouring tasks)

Doing: Sleeping in the Hallelujah Mountains (reference to AVATAR)


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3 Responses to Avatar in 3D + Pandora Hearts

  1. Serené says:

    Lols, flashbacks of younger times = awesome?!

    Avatar is scary, enough said.
    The 3D glasses are awesome though =D were you wearing your glasses underneath them? When I went to watch Alice in Wonderland (Underland…) I had to wear both glasses which resulted in something short of a disaster…

    I just noticed that (I get your blog updates through my email) wordpress writes on the bottom of their emails: Thanks for Flying with WordPress!
    Pure language awesomeness

  2. randomlyanonamous says:


  3. u know who says:

    is it still in theatres?

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