Books make you smart – I think otherwise

“Books make you smart”

That is usually what a typical parent would say – WELL DO THEY? When I hear or see that phrase, what I always think is that:

Well, for one thing, they never told us what to DO with the book, never mind telling us to read it

so yes, since our parents are always right, that if we hit ourselves in the head with the dictionary we’ll get smarter, even if I eat the classic Canadian Novel I’ll become a literary genius like Shakespeare.  Haha, hello A+ in english- if this was true, a library would be filled more with teens than books on the shelves.

why am I blabbing this you ask? It’s because I just finished a book (:O gasp.) in about two days, and that book urged me to comment about it. NOT because it was good.

From being over obsessed over manga and anime the past year, I thought I probably should read something without illustrations in it – so I went to the public library.



It was the book Evermore by Alyson Noel (of the immortals series) – to summarize, it was basically a less seductive, less creepy, less vampire, less interesting, less dangerous, more emo, and more blonde version of the Twilight series, except the protagonist’s name is Ever, hence EVERmore, and the mysterious guy/immortal Damen Auguste. Ever’s parents die, Damen is an immortal who lives forever and fell in love with the reincarnations of Ever… She moves to California, turns from a cheerleader to emoness and she’s apparently a psychic who can see people’s auras (colour shows mood) and read their thoughts because Damen turned her into an immortal.

EDIT:I think i was being a bit too harsh there, it wasn’t that bad, but i just wished it had a bit more than it had. I’m hoping to read blue moon and rest of the series, cause i’m kinda curious about the plot. Summerland too. Better this than twilight.

EDIT: Note: Although I am huge on analysis, I’m still a sucker for romances…

Typical plot, typical characters, typical twilight. YAWN. And the author kept writing “pressing lips together” every two pages. Yeah, that book was a bit shallow for my tastes, but better than those “girl who move” stories.

No wonder I finished the 305 page book in two, more like a day and a half. Moral of this story, DO NOT TAKE BOOKS FROM THE TEEN SECTION – chances are 80% 87% of the time, it’s something you’ve read before, with different characters, time, setting, etc.

I went to borrow this adult looking science fiction book today, called Firethorn, and another one called Life as We Knew It – from the teen section…sigh…

Life as We Knew It – is in the style of a diary of a 16 year old girl called Miranda, who saw a meteoroid crash into the moon, making the moon closer to earth, and somehow having the earth receiver a complete altered climate. In other words, global warming.WHOOPE.It’s about the sunshining-ness of staying together as a family during a crisis. That’s exactly why 4 out of 5 gooseberries that I’ll read it.

Hopefully, Firethorn won’t be as much of a vomit-a-thon, considering it’s from the adult section – maybe it’ll actually be good if it satisfy my vocabulary and plot needs. EVEN BETTER if it doesn’t involve moving, high school, suspension, over excessive use of making out, flirting, or seducing.

I wish myself good reading, and you too. 🙂 I’m going to watch Avatar- in 3D tomorrow!

Mood: Meh..

Word of the Day: Emancipate

Doing: Plucking Strawberries in the middle of Summerland (a land in between dimensions)


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8 Responses to Books make you smart – I think otherwise

  1. Serené Lin says:

    Actually, hitting one’s head with books DO make you smarter, because you get smart enough to realize it isn’t working =D

    87%? Psh, more like 99.9997%

    I see you’ve decided to sign off with 3 facts too ;D I’m simply awesome like that

  2. adc4ever says:

    I actually liked life as we knew it!

  3. Douja says:

    Haha you are a talented writer.. Love your blog 🙂

  4. warriorhope says:

    YA generally does suck. Meg Cabot is pretty awesome, but otherwise..yeah. I would also recommend Tamora Pierce, since she tends to have feminist characters. Oh, also the ‘a great and terrible beauty’ series is pretty good as well.

    • :)) I think i’ve heard of Meg Cabot somewhere before.
      I usually see that name on books but somehow never had the courage to touch it…hmm…
      ‘a great and terrible beauty’ i saw on the bookshelves but its thickness threw me off…

  5. Beatrice says:

    Yay, reading!

    Personally, I avoid fantasy YA books because, as you said, they tend to be really cliched. *COUGH COUGH TWILIGHT COUGH COUGH*

    I do suggest books by John Green because while they technically fit under YA books, they read more like adult novels? It’s hard to explain…

    I don’t know. I’m read a lot and I judge writers on technical aspects before the storyline, so I might dislike a book because the format is stupid.

    Speaking of writing…I really like your posts. I found you after looking @ warriorhope’s newest blog. Keep it up 🙂

    • thanks for the comment and book suggestion 🙂
      i will definitely check it out next time if i ever do enter any public library in the next trillion years.
      The way i pick books is by judging them by their cover, and pick out the pretty ones, but immediately putting them down after reading the summary.
      So by the time i DO get to a good book, i read other books by the same author…
      Now i just read manga and watch anime… I feel really guilt for leaving my library card trapped in the prison that is my (almost empty) wallet.
      I’m reading the book theif right now, and going to read some judy picoult soon. 🙂
      Seems like these days i cannot survive without reading manga or watching anime….

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