March Break is….HERE!

Finally! After a week of projects, tests, and an essay, March Break has finally begun! LET THE FUN SHOWER UPON US LIKE THE FRESH SPRING RAIN OUTSIDE TODAY! 🙂 Looks like the spring has finally arrived here –  and so have the muddy and wet conditions that comes with it :O.

The week I had i believed have been a real taste of what will be everyday in a few years. Astrophysics test, drama project, English chapbook and an essay –  that’s a whole stress sandwich with extra late night sprinkles on top. High school is just full of surprises huh?

My plans for March Break:

  • sleep
  • internet
  • anime/manga
  • not doing homework
  • maybe exercising

EDIT: I colour coded it 🙂

Refering to the above point, it’s because i have gained some stomach fat and needs to lose it, apparently it contributes to disease (something  i read out of a magazine this morning)… and 50 half pushups a day everyday does not really help :S


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A blogger, otaku, nerd, loves sweets, often talk to herself
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One Response to March Break is….HERE!

  1. Serené says:

    I enjoy your “Leave a Comment” button =D
    And the sleep part of your list…

    Ick..the test was really horrid…

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