Boxing Day = madness + bargains + crowds + sold out IPOD TOUCH = me getting mad

Today, on boxing day, I went to future shop with my mom and sister to buy my ipod touch and to check things out, turns out, it was sold out, especially because of the free dock speakers that came with it. So, we decided to settle for a HP Deskjet Colour Printer and go somewhere else. After that we went to Best Buy, which was great except for the fact that I got there just in time to see the guy before me in line take the last Ipod Touch – So I wouldn’t say FML, because it wasn’t that serious, but WDTHTML (Why Did This Happen To My Life)
And that’s not all! When we got home, I install the printer to find out that the alignment on that thing was C@#A$&?! no matter how many times I scanned the alignment sheet. Hence, today was a complete day gone to waste. (including 4 hours of me installing, uninstallying, packing and unpacking the printer. :C)
Why do they call boxing day boxing day? Here are my possible theories :
  • Everything in the store is on sale so there must be a lot of b oxes involved
  • That people theoretically would box each other for gett ing those on sale products (e.g. IPOD TOUCH)
  • That everybody feels as if they’re in a box because they’re soo many people you feel like a chocolate chip on a cookie
  • That people who live in boxes can afford to buy stuff now 😀 jkjk
  • That everybody wishes everybody else is in a box so th ey can get all the great deals by themselves
  • from wikipedia It was traditionally a day where all servants have a day off from their duties, tradition include feasting in advance (the day before) and giving money to the needy (who lives in boxes) thus refering to point number 4 😀

    • Fortunately, we got to have SPRING ROLLS made by my mom’s friend , which was good, although weird on boxing day.
    Then again, so is rain on christmas.
    On another note, i was bored so i made the incredible wise decision to keep clicking the next blog button up there until i find something interesting, and i notice a very familiar pattern in the blogs – they’re 95% made by Navy/Army/Military involved people and families… One even about Navy _______________ Gaming… LOL
    So this boxing day was….boring, and i hope all of you had a better one…

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