Celebs on Trial – Justin Bieber & his math related songs :D

Following up on my word, I present to you CF’s Celebs on Trial… This week’s victim – JUSTIN BIEBER

EDIT: now it’s RLTW’s Celeb on Trial

* cue girls screaming *
Justin Bieber, originally from Stradford, Ontario, is fifteen and currently living in Atlanta, Georgia, signed by Usher, blah blah.
In my opinion, all he does is sing about girls – I mean Favourite girl, Love me, First Dance???
Let me tell you, after he turns 30, he can’t sing those songs anymore, cause he’ll look like a deranged old man. This artist is scores extra high on the
Shallow and superficial songs and lyrics scale, considering that most of his listeners are girls who wants to marry him and scream EVERY SINGLE TIME his name is mentioned. Dude should be a playboy, so the rest of the music industry can actually get the money and attention they deserve.
Yes, he sings nice, but have some more deeper and meaningful lyrics man, those screaming girls are gonna grow up soon and he’s gonna run out of groupies. Your songs have practically no meaning except for liking someone, going out, love, and other stuff. Maybe it’s the record label’s fault – but we’ll see as he grows up.

Moving on to his songs,

did you know that most of them revolve around math?? ROFL
“One Less Lonely Girl”
“One time”
and the last one about the F word in math
“Common Denominator” LMAO

I think the reason why he revolved all these songs around math is to make up for the fact that he can’t do any of it. I mean look at his lyrics for one time :


Me plus you (I’ma tell you one time) -OK sure, i’ll listen one time too.
Me plus you (I’ma tell you one time) -That’s two times
Me plus you (I’ma tell you one time) -Three times, dude learn how to count….
EDIT: by the way, what does me + you =? Looks like you can’t do math either..
When I met you girl my heart went knock knock – Get a doctor to check that out…
Now them butterflies in my stomach wont stop stop – maybe you got diarrhea xD
And even though its a struggle love is all we got– It’s not love, if you haven’t told her
Ao we gon’ keep keep climbin’ till the mountain top – Justin Bieber, i hope you fall of that mountain top. And suffer because of your horrible song.

Your world is my world– DUH, there is only one world we humans are living in.
And my fight is your fight – FIGHT YOUR OWN FIGHTS WIMP..
My breath is your breath– Eww, you have bad breath, eat some mentos
And your heart (and now I’ve got my)– YES, or else we wouldn’t be alive… idiot.

One love – you sure about that? Look at tiger woods.
My one heart – I know, i have a heart too, and actually listened in health class..
My one life for sure – YES, you can’t be born two times can you
Lemme tell you one time – That’s the FOURTH TIME YOU SAID THAT TOO ME
(girl I love, girl I love you) – back off stalker, i don’t even know you
I’ma tell you one time – FIFTH TIME
Always makin time for you – I’m pretty sure you can’t really MAKE time.
I’ma tell you one time – SIXTH – Learn how to count will ya?
(girl I love, girl I love you)
I’ma tell you one time – Seventh
(girl I love, girl I love you)

You look so deep – Thanks, and you look so shallow…
You know that it humbles me, – what a shock
Your by my side and troubles them don’t trouble me – who’s them?
Many have called but the chosen Is you – Well, no thanks ok? Me > you 😀
Whatever you want shawty I’ll give it to you – Sean kingston wannabe.

Onto your freaking music videos, First of all, WHAT IS WITH THAT UPSIDE DOWN PEACE SIGN
makes you look like an idiot, A peace sign is a PEACE sign. If you’re gonna do it, do it right, I bet people in some random country thinks you want a war…
Oh, and STOP wearing lipgloss in your freaking videos, i don’t think it’s gonna make a mark on some girls who starts fantasizing and smooch the tv monitor while watching you……

One less lonely girl is a total manipulation of reality and tv okay? NO REAL GUY WOULD DO THAT FOR YOU, AS I SAID IN THE PAST POST, CHIVALRY IS DEAD, DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD.

and thanks to your song, One less lonely girl = three million annoyed girls, cause once you date that girl, all your other fans will go “NOOOES, NOW I HAVE NO CHANCE WITH HIM” and either go into a EMO, DEPRESSION MOOD AND TURN GOTH, or GET SOME TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS AND GO AFTER YOUR GIRLFRIEND FOR TAKING YOU OFF THE MARKET.

seriously, Justin bieber, get a deeper mind and think up of some decent songs OK? I, along with loads  of other people don’t ever want to hear that SCREAMING everytime you or your songs/videos shows up at our dances/parties/whatever. You do NOT have the privilege for us to ignore that screaming because you are not repected as a true artist, JUST like the JO BROS kay? Just poster boys.

p.s. It’s my opinion, so people who love Justin Bieber, or Jonas Brothers, sorry if i offended you, if you did, just click that red X on the top right hand corner.. kay?

Watch out for the next Celeb on trial, will it be Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Robert Pattinson, or some other star?


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10 Responses to Celebs on Trial – Justin Bieber & his math related songs :D

  1. LOL! Thats got to be the best Music Parody I've seen yet!And beware the copyright sign! I know you jumped over it, but now its following you? XDKeep the posts coming!

  2. Anonymous says:

    RONFLand the truth is revealed these are the answers to our questions!Good job man!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You told me to comment, so im commenting 🙂 LOL! BTW Merry Christmas everyone 😀

  4. Anonymous says:

    LOL, niceee one 🙂

  5. Pieee says:

    I swear , that is probably the mot insulting thing I’ve heard about someone insulting him. YOUR PRO AT THIS

    • Aww, thank you,
      I’m quite mean when i’m inspired to rip on some random celebrity.
      Did you know that Usher already have the next 10 years planned for Justin Bieber?
      (read it with on the bus today)

  6. eden says:

    your the best lov yh

  7. izabella says:


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