Break Begins ;D

Finally it’s winter break – although it’s only for two weeks, it’s still good cause we don’t need to go to school.

A problem i currently have is not knowing what I want for Christmas, so i accept any suggestions, just comment 😀

Holidays approaching!!!!

New years resolutions checklist :
I am happy to check off
  • Ace French test >>>>as you can see in the side panel

I manage to get 100% on the reading and listening portion of the test, and 18 out of 20 for the writing portion – infinitif + preposition is hard to memorize :C


  1. Currently watching Shugo Chara! –>
  2. Reading Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama  (Translates to The student council President is a Maid!) also awaiting anime
  3. Reading Faster Than a Kiss
  4. Finished Fall In Love Like A Comic!
  5. Finished Tsubasa (combination of both anime and manga)

As you can see, I am reading Shoujos (a.k.a. Manga for girls age 10 – 18, usually involving romance and love)- no, it is not because i’m cheesy like that, but that it’s fun to read these romantic comedies, especially each one has its special twists – they’re more interesting than the typical romantic teen novel you find at your nearby library.

Let me expand on some of these anime/manga.

Shugo Chara!
  • About a girl named Amu (came from AMUlet)
  • Has a Guardian Chara – that cheerleader pink thing you see —->
  • Guardian Chara represents the would-be selves of the people who obtain them
  • EVERY CHILD HAS AN EGG IN THEIR HEART – their would be selves xD
  • People can produce EGGS in this anime! ZOMG!(that’s what the guardian charas are born in)
  • LOL kinda mocks the human reproductive system
  • Guess what they name an egg that grant any wish – an EMBRYO! ROFL
  • Guess what, this girl has like 3 different guys crushing on her – (the two dudes you see up there in the pic)
  • I think the blonde dude, Tadase, looks wayyyyy too much like a girl
  • Oh, and they kinda mock genetics too, how can Amu’s father and mom with probably blond and brown hair, produce one child with pink hair and the other with light brown hair? Doesn’t make sense xD

Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!  (The student council President is a Maid!)

  • About a girl name Misaki who’s a student at a high school with 80% guys
  • works super hard, top in academics and sports – hence she’s Student Body President and works part time at an embarassing job as a maid (in this case it’s just a waitress who dresses up as a maid… and calls people master..)
  • Usui is a perfect guy who can not study, get super good grades, good athletics, jump off the roof of a huge school, and not DIE :O
  • i guess you can pretty much guess that they fall in love, but Usui is a really mysterious guy, he changes Misaki’s defensive attitude and help her relax as a person
  • It’s a suprising combination, considering they are kinda total opposites
  • I RECOMMEND YOU TO READ THIS – anime in spring 2010

I’m currently thinking of posting a 2009 year of Teen power – Disney Celeb analysis soon…
and i need to photoshop christmas cards 😀


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