Chivalry is …. Dead?

A discussion in English Class got me thinking…

Almost every single classic novel and a LOT of media have romance in it – e.g. The twilight series, with content that warms the readers hearts. After all, love is what makes the world goes around.
Yet after a while, it gets kinda irritating, especially in my case in which a random White Pine book and countless chapters later I read about “intimate moments” and “confession and affection”…
If you were to pull off a book at your local library – teens section, It’s a 75% it’s gonna be a romance novel.
Why is there so much romance portrayed in the media?
One of the many reasons that teenage dating had came up to a record high since the invention of the television and computer. Now at the turn of the twenty-first century, you see 4th graders talk about “makin’ out”.
I wonder what “teen dora” will do ? <— google that.

Almost every single teen television program has romance in it, no doubt. Yet the thing is that those programs always show the so called “plastic truth”:

  1. Not every guy can be or will be as sensitive as those characters you see in Twilight or some other show ok?? 
  2. Chivalry is dead, we live in the twenty first century people, DEAL WITH IT
  3. Of course producers add love to the series, to add the the climax, everybody wants to see them together
  4. People gotta realize that it only happens on shows, not in real life! You can’t just expect a guy to confess his love for you in the middle of some random english class, BURST INTO SONG, and get down on his knees, holding out a giant diamond ring asking you to marry him
Unfortunately, it’s hard to resist them temptation of the media.
Sadly, chivalry is medieval, and dead,
it’s dead, unless you happen to invent a time machine to go back in time. In that case, good luck with surviving with no modern technology whatsoever.

SO WHY do so many people believe the stuff we see on TV or on the INTERNET?
’cause they’re shiny, and considering the technology we have, everything can seem real and can be from some guy in a six o’clock shadow, beer-bloating belly, in the basement of some mall in Alaska.

Profound thought checked!
Topic credit – KJ 😀


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