Liberty at the library

Just finished a moderate difficult georgraphy quest…
anyways, the library at my school has became my favourite hangout at lunch 😀
It’s the only place you can study, blog, write notes, and whisper in peace!
Ever notice how boots takes soo long to dry but soo little time to get soaked?
yeah, and it’s even worst if you have a test first period, you’re rushing to school then:

  1. the road you’re trying to J-walk has traffic
  2. the ground is slippery like butter on a pan
  3. you fall several times in attemps to speed off
  4. and that your jacket has a disfunctional zipper that keeps riding up everytime you try to run :F

Well, i don’t have to shovel the driveway, so i ain’t complaining, but snow poses as a HUGE inconvinence when it comes to WALKING to school. I don’t want to trip, fall and have a load of face on my face.

Not to mention that i look like an orange walking home with my orange coat, hat and yellow mitts.
hm…. i would love some chocolate cookies right about now…getting sick of shrimp crackers :I


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A blogger, otaku, nerd, loves sweets, often talk to herself
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One Response to Liberty at the library

  1. Lets not forget sneaking lunch in that list shall we? =DGeo Quest was probably the worst thing that happened in my life…And ORANGE!!! XD

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