Wetness of my hair…

It seems as if my best thoughts are always coming to me after a shower, usually after the usual bedtime of when i really should be sleeping. Thus leading the the title of this post.

LOL. i feel like doing those flip hair in the wind commercials 😀

speaking of which, before the shower, i examined my hair for drandruff, and somehow it led to me combing my hair in ways so i can see what i would look with bangs …

As Christmas draws nearer, i have came up with a couple new year-ish resolutions / to-do list/ goals

  • Ace exams, summatives, and get 90%+ average on next report card
  • Ace Geography and French Unit Tests
  • Flourish Drama Dialogue Presentation
  • Start filming for Birthday Congratulatory Video
  • Start Photoshopping
  • Get video editing skills
  • Learn tech lingo
  • Read astronomy book
  • Ace English Test
  • Get more than 85% on French report card mark and presentation/interview
  • Maintain high business mark
  • Lay off the late night computer business
  • Try to not get irritated at my sister
  • Increase uploads and views on Deviant Art
  • Organize Locker
  • Maintain 90s in those subjects in which i’ve achieved them?
  • Work harder, but not to death
  • Less procastination
  • Study harder and more for tests…
  • Watch Tsubasa
  • Get weekend homework finished on FRIDAY
  • Bring money to school for candy
  • Go to library to actually study and improve general knowledge and gain knowledge on current issues
  • Attempt to read high level Physics, Chemistry and Biology Textbooks

much more to come……
i think i’m gonna post this as a list so i can keep track and strike out each i accomplish 😀


About Starburst-chan

A blogger, otaku, nerd, loves sweets, often talk to herself
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