I wonder…

Currently at a school computer station besided Sweet Funshine right now practiving our awesome powers of procastination while working on GIS maps and looking at a second report card that decreased your average by 0.5 % :F
Which brings me to say, if you have ever used the Arcview GIS program before, it isn’t as new as they describe it in the text book. It surely doesn’t feel like it has really “revolutionized” any thing, at least not compared to what kind of technology we have now.
Instead of using GIS, people will soon go like :
“Nah, i’ll just use google maps on my iphone”
“What’s a GIS?”
“Where’s the nearest bathroom?”— A thought that is going through me right now….literally. ;D

And if i offend anyone who has a love for geography and GIS, i am sorry. please don’t sue me 😀
Here’s some random and wise thoughts to insert into your head, which also makes a great MSN PM:
If pro is the opposite of con, then what’s the opposite of pro-gress?
What colour does a Smirk change when you choke it?
What is really better? Paper towels or hand dryers?
^ ’cause towels kill tree but can be recycled, but hand dryers use electricity which can’t be recycled
WHO invented the question and exclamation marks ?!?!?!?
WHY do we get rid of our tails while in our mommies’ bellies?
^i’ll surely enjoy hanging upside down from a branch one day 😀
Is really giving Barack Obama a noble peace prize really necessary just to give him encouragement in taking america back out of the ditch that the previous president got america in IN THE FIRST PLACE?
well, if you have an answer, answer 😀
one last question
who named procastination procastination?
                            ^ possibly the most used method of doing work and studying in the history of the world :I
B L O G G I N G  I S  F U N
as good as photoshop, except blogging doesn’t cost money 😛
Ok, at last, a shoutout to people who cruise randomly and just happened to land on this blog using the “next blog” button on the top of the page there – welcome,  that’s all i’m gonna say. Almost everything here is self explanatory, unless i start posting poems – in which i usually create from emotions and thoughts thrown at my head like a dart by who-knows-what or what-knows-what
I call ’em idea bursts 😀
S T R I K E O U T  

About Starburst-chan

A blogger, otaku, nerd, loves sweets, often talk to herself
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