Out of a total surge of RUSH and somewhat DETERMINATION I managed to pull off an English paragraph of moderate quality.

OH The chrysalids, how boring are thou…
they should really change the books for grade 9s to read every five years, or else the concept of discrimination and prejudgement is getting OLD.. I’d rather read something like Chandra’s Wars, which is way more exciting and in depth than The Chrysalids, which is pretty shallow in terms of DEPTH level on the book.

Thinking that i probably do better if i was writing it at 11 o’clock, my brain is usually in freeze mode when it comes to assignments that require the most amount and thinking and interest. There’s no “idea” bursts, so words can’t flow, like oil on a pan, like they should be, which is nudging my brain….

Happiness isn’t what i’m really feeling right now, it’s not like, neutrality with a hint of guilt from not putting as much effort as i should be into my work.

Tsubasa : Episode 45 part 3
Paragraph : Word Wise : 100% done, but content wise at 75%
Studying for French and Geography : 0% — :O


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One Response to AT LAST

  1. LolDefinitly, my english teacher mentioned that she read the book for at least 9 years now and that it really is boring…Also, I agree with the "in depth" part. Chandra's Wars is also not THAT exciting, but it definitly is thicker and thus "deeper" than The Chrysalids.How many Episodes were in Tsubasa? I can't remember…

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